Alibaba ACA Developer (ACA-Developer) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Alibaba ACA Developer Sample Questions:

01. You can use Alibaba Cloud Data transmission service (DTS) or the open source tool Redis-shake to migrate and synchronize data from a local Redis instance to an Alibaba Cloud Redis instance. What is one feature which DTS has but Redis-shake does not?
a) Incremental data migration
b) Full data migration
c) One-way data synchronization
d) Two-way data synchronization
02. A developer have written a web application using a microservice architecture, in such a architecture, the client (web browser or mobile application) first initiates a request. The request first reaches the load balancer, then goes through an authentication service, a billing service, then requests a resource, and finally a result is returned.
How many spans does such a call chain consist of?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 3
d) 6
03. Serverless Workflow allows you to orchestrate distributed tasks in sequence, branch, and parallel modes, and ensure that tasks are reliably coordinated according to your workflow logic. Which of the following service integration modes is not supported by Serverless Workflow?
a) Synchronization mode
b) Request response mode
c) Waiting for callback mode
d) Asynchronous mode
04. Which of the following database connection methods does ApsaraDB for Redis support?
(Number of correct answers: 2)
a) DMS (Data Management Service)
b) aliyun-cll
c) Redis-cIl
d) Sentinel
05. What are the benefits of creating indexes on PolarDB?
(Number of correct answers: 2)
a) Improve the efficiency of DDL operations.
b) Reduce invalid data scanning.
c) Improve the query efficiency SELECT statements.
d) Improve the efficiency of DML operations such as UPDATE.
06. Company A has a large number of files store in Alibaba Cloud OSS that need to be deleted (numbering in the tens of thousands). What is the fastest, easiest way to delete these files?
a) Directly delete the bucket
b) Call the API from a script, deleting files in batches
c) Configure a life cycle rule that matches the entire bucket, and delete all files after one day
d) Manually delete them one by one
07. When a developer calls the Alibaba Cloud SDK to access Elastic Compute Service (ECS), the following error is returned; RealNameAuthenticationError What is the possible cause?
a) The API callers account and password are not authorized for ECS access.
b) The ECS instance name violates the ECS service's naming conventions.
c) The user's Alibaba Cloud account has not passed real name authentication
d) The ECS instance name conflicts with other instance names.
08. To meet data analytics requirements on large datasets, which of these databases can meet the demand for structured and semi-structured storage for almost all types of data, albeit with limited support for strong transactions?
a) HBase
c) OceanBase
d) RDSMariaDB
09. Which of the following is not a suitable use-case for Elastic Container Instance (ECI)?
a) Elastic scaling of online businesses
b) Concurrent processing of large amounts of online data
c) Third-party virtualization software deployment
d) Event-driven business
e) CI/CD test environment
10. In the era of microservices, applications are becoming more and more complex. Traditional monitoring methods are no longer suitable for businesses using the microservice architecture. Which of the following is NOT a challenge associated with monitoring microservices?
a) Application topology is complicated
b) Implementation of link tracking is difficult
c) There is a need to achieve code-level visibility
d) Business modules need to be service-oriented


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c, d
Question: 05
Answer: b, c
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: c
Question: 10
Answer: d

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