Alibaba ACA System Operator (ACA-Operator) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Alibaba ACA System Operator Sample Questions:

01. ________________ is a fully-managed event-driven computing service that allows you to run code in an elastic and reliable way?
a) Batch Compute
b) Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
c) Serverless Workflow
d) Function Compute
02. A developer is making the ModifyDBInstanceSpec API call to change the specifications of an RDS instance, but the operation fails. Why could this be?
(Number of correct answers: 3)
a) The instance is in the 'running' state
b) No instance type (specification) was included in the request parameters
c) The instance has a backup task being executed
d) The targeted RDS instance is a disaster recovery instance
03. Which Alibaba Cloud service is used to manage cloud computing resources including the deployment?
a) Operation Orchestration Service (OOS)
b) Maintenance Orchestration Service (MOS)
c) Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)
d) Resource Access Management (RAM)
04. A company is developing a music application based on OSS and ECS, their users can download mp3 files after signing up for the application. Recently, the public network traffic to the OSS has doubled but the increase of registered users is less than 10%.
After in-depth analysis, system operators find that many download requests are requested from the external search engine. In this case, which of the following measures is thought to be able to address this issue?
a) Migrate music files from the OSS to the data disks for ECS instances
b) Change the website access mode to HTTPS
c) Enable "Hotlink protection" of OSS and use an HTTP Referer whitelist to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data
d) Use SLB for extra protection
05. Which command is used to get the Docker daemon information?
a) docker version
b) docker info
c) docker pull
d) docker image
06. As the system administrator of a multinational company, you are responsible for the accounts and resources management on the cloud. Which of the following solutions are suitable for your company's IT Governance?
(Number of correct answers: 3)
a) Use role-based SSO for Identities access, use resource directory to manage the resources in shared service account and master account
b) Use CEN for interconnecting different networks globally, use shared VPC to share services between different organizations
c) Use Cloud Config and Action Trail for compliance and audit
d) Use one single VPC for all the resources to have the best performance
e) Stop using Action Trail and Cloud Config to save the storage cost
07. Serverless Workflow allow you to orchestrate distributed tasks in sequence, branch, and parallel modes, and ensure that tasks are reliably coordinated according to your workflow logic. Which of the following service integration modes is not supported by Serverless Workflow?
a) Request response mode
b) Synchronization mode
c) Asynchronous mode
d) Waiting for callback mode
08. When you use SQL statements to access tables in a database without an index configured, a full table scan will be performed. If a table contains a large amount of data, this kind of scan will access a large amount of data and consume a lot of the database's resources.
Which of the following options are best practices when creating database indexes?
(Number of correct answers: 3)
a) A table should not contaiiAiore than 6 indexed fields.
b) Add an index to a field that is frequently queried but does not frequently perform add, delete, or modify operations.
c) Adhere to the rightmost prefix principle when using composite indexes
d) Applies indices to fields to contain many records.
e) Apply indexing to fields of fixed length (preferably not long fields).
09. If you have a Node.js based application and you plan to migrate it to Alibaba Cloud Function Compute, which of the following steps is unnecessary?
a) Manually install the Node.js in the Function Compute console
b) Create a single web application and upload the corresponding code package via the Function Compute console (or fcli)
c) Configure program startup commands and access ports in the Function Compute console
d) Start and verify the application in the Function Compute console
10. Which database utility is suitable for database migration?
a) DAS
b) DBS
c) DMS
d) DTS


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: b, c, d
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: a, b, c
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: a, b, e
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: d

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