Alibaba ACP Cloud Security (ACP-Sec1) Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Alibaba ACP Cloud Security Sample Questions:

01. Which of these is a function of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in a Security Center?
a) Email marketing
b) Real-time analysis of security alerts
c) Graphic design
d) Financial auditing
02. Anti-DDoS pro Service is a paid value-added service intended to address the problem of service interruptions caused by attacks by high DDoS traffic on Internet servers (including non-Alibaba Cloud hosts).
Users can configure a high protection IP address so that attacking traffic can be redirected to the IP address, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of the origin site. When a user configures Anti-DDoS pro Service and imports an HTTPS certificate, the system prompts an "incorrect parameter format" error.
Which of the following is NOT the reason of this error?
a) The certificate contains "----".
b) The name of the certificate is Test_Cer.
c) The name of the certificate exceeds 10 characters.
d) The certificate contains nonstandard content. 
03. In the context of Alibaba Cloud, what is the primary role of Elastic IP Addresses (EIP)?
a) Provide a static IP address for dynamic cloud resources
b) Act as a web application firewall
c) Encrypt data in transit
d) Manage user identities and access
04. What is a common feature of a WAF that helps in protecting against zero-day exploits?
a) Signature-based detection
b) Heuristic analysis
c) IP whitelisting
d) Bandwidth throttling
05. Which of the following attacks can Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic defend against?
(Number of correct answers: 4)
a) SYN Flood
b) UDP Flood
c) ACK Flood
d) ICMP Flood
e) Brute force password cracking
06. How does a Security Center assist in threat detection?
a) By enhancing website graphics
b) By providing a platform for marketing campaigns
c) By analyzing data to identify potential security threats
d) By managing office space
07. Cloud computing services face security threats that affect their availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Which of the following threats directly affect the availability of cloud computing services?
(Number of correct answers: 2)
a) Brute force server password cracking
b) Large-scale DDoS attacks
c) Webshell implanting
d) ChallengeCollapsar (CC) attacks
08. In Alibaba Cloud, which service is specifically designed for large-scale data warehousing?
a) MaxCompute
b) ECS
c) OSS
d) RDS
09. What does a Security Center typically use to detect anomalies and potential threats?
a) Artistic design techniques
b) Machine learning and AI algorithms
c) Traditional marketing strategies
d) Manual inspection by employees
10. Which of the following Alibaba Cloud products can work with Server Guard?
a) ECS
b) SLB
c) RDS
d) OSS


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: a, b, c, d
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: b, d
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: b
Question: 10
Answer: a

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