Google GCP-CDL Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Google GCP-CDL Sample Questions:

01. A large organization is struggling to manage their cloud costs effectively. They want to increase visibility into cloud costs. Which cost management approach should the organization use?
a) Appoint a single person to monitor cloud spending across the organization.
b) Review any cloud spending that exceeds the organization's error budget.
c) Increase monitoring of on-premises infrastructure and services.
d) Establish a partnership between finance, technology, and business teams.
02. An organization wants to search for and share plug-and-play AI components which can easily build ML services into their project. Which Google Cloud product should the organization use?
a) Recommendations AI
b) Document AI
c) AI Hub
d) Cloud Talent Solution
03. A retail store has discovered a cost-effective solution for creating self-service kiosks. They can use existing check-out hardware and purchase a virtual customer service application. Why do they also need an API?
a) To connect the new application with the legacy system.
b) To migrate all customer data for disaster recovery.
c) To update the check-out hardware remotely.
d) To connect the check-out hardware to the public cloud.
04. A bank wants to track the success of their existing ATM network, which has been modernized with APIs to instantly notify customers about their transfers.
What is the benefit of using Apigee to achieve this goal?
a) It allows developers to connect the banking APIs with the public cloud.
b) It measures and tracks their total cost of ownership (TCO).
c) It has dashboards that chart dimensions and metrics to report on APIs.
d) It replicates banking APIs to create new business value.
05. An organization has completely migrated all their infrastructure to the cloud to benefit from its agility. Now they want to innovate faster and achieve a higher return on investment. What should the organization do?
a) Lower their service level objective (SLO).
b) Modernize their applications.
c) Manually provision all cloud infrastructure for increased control.
d) Move to a hybrid architecture with some of their infrastructure on-premises.
06. An organization wants to evaluate the performance of their entire cloud infrastructure, including metrics like server uptime and response rate reports.
Which Google Cloud tool should the organization use?
a) Cloud Monitoring
b) Cloud Debugger
c) Cloud Trace
d) Cloud Profiler
07. What issues can arise when organizations integrate third-party systems into their cloud infrastructure?
a) Third-party systems may not be powerful enough to run many critical business applications.
b) Third-party systems are less capable of addressing an organization's security requirements.
c) Over-reliance on third-party systems limits an organization's potential for innovation
d) Without sufficient security measures and regular checks, unsecured third-party systems can pose a threat to data security.
08. An organization wants to scale their existing virtual machine architecture as quickly as possible. Why should the organization use VMware Engine?
a) To migrate virtual machines to containers.
b) To replatform virtual machines as they are.
c) To deploy custom APIs seamlessly.
d) To archive virtual machine instances.
09. A video game organization has invested in cloud technology to generate insights from user behaviors. They want to ensure recommendations of games are aligned to players' interests.
What may have prompted this business decision?
a) Customers expect a personalized experience.
b) Employees expect source code changes to be deployed faster.
c) Employees expect more predictable data management spending.
d) Customers expect faster time to market for games.
10. How does a least privilege resource access model contribute to cloud security?
a) Only managers and other senior employees have cloud resource access.
b) Employees may only access on-premises software with special permission.
c) Employees only have access to the cloud resources necessary for their job.
d) Google is responsible for determining access to cloud resources.


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: a
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: d
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: c

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