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Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Sample Questions:

01. Universal Containers uses the Salesforce Platform to track customer payments and any late payments. This is accomplished with an architecture that includes Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and anintegration to the back-office billing system via MuleSoft.
Invoices and payments are mastered in the billing system and exposed to Salesforce via MuleSoft. Notifications about customer payments are orchestrated out of Salesforce and emails are sent via Marketing Cloud. The late payment invoice data is required for service representatives to be able to reference within Salesforce.
What should the Solution Architect recommend when determining the role of each system for a use case of sending payment reminders?
a) Integrate the billing system directly with Marketing Cloud via MuleSoft to trigger based on events from the billing system.
b) Load the payment and invoicing data within Salesforce from the billing system with MuleSoft, and drive payment notifications via Marketing Cloud.
c) Recommend a trigger from the billing system into Marketing Cloud, which sends customer formatted emails.
d) Create cases within Salesforce from the billing system based on payment statues with MuleSoft event orchestration and send payment notifications via Marketing Cloud.
02. A Solution Architect was asked by AC Computers to provide solution recommendations for a rebate enrollment and management solution on Salesforce. The primary goal and requirement is to easily launch rebate programs for partners that an administrator can implement and manage in Salesforce.
AC Computers currently uses Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Experience Cloud to expose opportunity and quote information to partners.
Based on the business requirements, which solution should the Solution Architect recommend?
a) Implement B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience to track rebates and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.
b) Implement Salesforce Rebate Management Module and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.
c) Implement a custom solution to track rebates, accruals, and actuals and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.
d) Implement Salesforce Service Contracts with line items to track rebate accruals and expose the data in the Experience Cloud site.
03. A corporate bank has decided to use a multi-cloud solution to reduce time to market, showcase a 360-degree view of the bank's business customers, and improve CSAT rating by increasing channels for customer service. The CIO has asked to run a discovery workshop with one goal: understanding existing technical dependencies within the organisation.
What should a Solution Architect recommend as the top priority to start this journey?
a) Plot the map of the current system landscape and identify key areas where the 626 multi-cloud solution will fit in.
b) Plot the process map using Universal Process Notation (UPN) through workshops involving a diverse set of stakeholders.
c) Plot what the customer is thinking, doing, and feeling at the varying stages of their experience, and connect them to interactions with the bank.
d) Plot the map or the future system landscape by making assumptions about the changes needed to improve customer satisfaction.
04. During a go-live planning session, the business sponsor expressed some concerns related to achieving high adoption of the solution. Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect provide that can achieve higher adoption rates for a Salesforce multi-cloud implementation?
a) Suggest that the executive team tie performance metrics to Salesforce usage.
b) Create recurring office hours for end users to call in to speak directly with the Solution Architect.
c) Create a feedback loop to give end users the ability to share ideas on how to improve the solution and report bugs.
d) Suggest continuous training methods such as Trailhead, in-app guidance, or embedded videos so end users feel supported using the solution.
05. Big Server Company sells complex server solutions to customers through a reseller channel. Resellers will purchase complex servers as well as have warehouses to store quick need products for their customers, such as additional hard drives and cables. Big Server Company currently uses Salesforce CPQ for its Sales team.
Big Server Company would like to be able to give resellers easy access to purchase warehouse type products through B2B Commerce; however, the company would also like to allow resellers to request additional discounts for large volume orders from the Sales team.
Which recommendation should a Solution Architect make to integrate B2B Commerce and SalesforceCPQ to accomplish this request?
a) Utilize an integration software, like MuleSoft, to sync carts and pricing between B2B Commerce and Salesforce CPQ.
b) Implement the Salesforce CPQ & Billing and CPQ B2B Commerce Connector and use the Cart to Quote flow to sync the cart to Salesforce CPQ, and have a reseller price rule adjust pricing for the reseller based on volume.
c) Create a request special pricing button in B2B Commerce that will create an opportunity for the sales representative and allow the sales representative to follow up.
d) Implement the Salesforce CPQ & Billing and CPQ B2B Commerce Connector and use the Cart to Quote flow to create a quote from the Resellers Cart, allowing a sales representative to configure discounts and sync back to cart.
06. Universal Containers (UC) has expanded rapidly in recent yean following a number of acquisitions. The new CMO wants to use all Leads from one of the acquired Salesforce orgs to luck-start a new targeted campaign in uC's mam Salesforce org.
The acquired company would like to keep its Lead data because it enriches the Lead before it comes into Salesforce via third-party marketing tool and supports its direct sales channel. Beyond the Lead use case, both Salesforce orgs will remain completely independent from one another.
Which integration approach should a Solution Architect recommend between the UC mam org (the target org) and the acquired org (the source org)?
a) Discuss a strategy that includes manually migrating all Leads from the source org to the target org every day using data loader.
b) Discuss a strategy between the source org and target org Sales teams on the criteria of Leads to migrate from the source org to the target org, and migrate Leads to the target org before the enrichment within the source org.
c) Discuss long-term strategies around deprecating the source org's ability to collect and enrich Lead data, and start to direct all Leads to the target org and ignore the source org.
d) Discuss a strategy between the source org and target org Sales teams on the criteria of Leads to migrate from the source org to the target org, and migrate Leads to the target org after they are enriched in the source org.
07. During a B2B multi-cloud implementation, an executive sponsor from Universal Containers (UC) approaches the Solution Architect to discuss ongoing support and new functionality that will be rolled out to support UC. The current implementation supports Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud.
Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to ensure features are enabled without impacting user efficiency?
Choose 3 answers
a) Give users the ability toopt-out of any new feature theydislike.
b) Fully document all customizations added to the system.
c) Give users a way to raise support tickets for new featuresthey do not understand.
d) Communicate and train users on new features.
e) Ensure development, training, and production environmentsare in place.
08. Universal Containers has recently provided its call center team the ability to troubleshoot issues coming from its B2B Commerce customers. Currently, the team utilises Service Cloud and, specifically, the Service Console. The CIO s concern is now different the experience will be as it relates to B2B Commerce for Visualforce versus what the team sees today within the Service Console.
Which recommendation should the Solution Architect voice to the CIO to ensure higher adoption by the call center team?
a) Provide access to B2B Commerce data within the Service Console so they can see the cart.
b) Implement Experience Cloud login as user so that call center agents can log in as the buyer within B2B Commerce and see their cart.
c) Implement an embedded web view of B2B Commerce within the Service Console.
d) Implement the CSR flow so that call center agents can log m as the buyer within B2B Commerce and see their cart.
09. Northern Trail Health has clients that have more than 10,000 employees. The company's Customer Service team handles requests from its client's employees directly and tracks various rebate programs per employee. Private information should not be shared with the Sales team and they should only see contacts that are relevant to the sales process.
Assuming that Sales and Service teams share certain contacts, in which two ways should a Solution Architect ensure optimal performance?
Choose 2 answers
a) Set the Contact object to Public Read Only so that the sharing rules do not bog down performance for sharing.
b) For each Account, assign Sales Contacts to the Sales teamand all the rest to a Customer Service representative assigned to the Account.
c) Assign all contacts to Sales team members to ensure sharing is streamlined and hide private fields from them.
d) Use profiles and/or permission sets to give View All access to Customer Service on the Contact object.
10. Universal Containers (UC) selling containers globally via distributors and is experiencing significant double-digit growth year-over-year. UC uses a centralized ERP system that holds the financial information of the distributors. The ERP system is siloed but offers connectivity via APIs.
The account managers need to reference the financial information stored in the ERP while approving an order of a distributor inside Salesforce. The financial information of a distributor may change ad-hoc during the day in the ERP system and account managers need the latest data in front of them.
What should a Solution Architect recommend while designing an integrated, scalable solution to meet UC's needs?
a) Retrieve the financial information on-demand from the ERP via API and display the information as read-only using a lightning component.
b) Use the scheduled data loader to extract the financial information every night from the ERP and save it inside Salesforce.
c) Schedule a MuleSoft batch job to retrieve financial information from the ERP every night and store it inside Salesforce for quick access.
d) Use Change Data Capture to update the changes on the financial information inside Salesforce m near-real time.


Question: 01
Answer: c
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: b, d
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: a, c, e
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: b, c
Question: 10
Answer: a

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