Salesforce CRT-251 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Salesforce CRT-251 Sample Questions:

01. Which two chart types should be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report?
(Choose two.)
a) Donut chart
b) Funnel chart
c) Stacked bar chart
d) Grouped line chart
02. During the Cloud Deploy phase, end users are complaining that they have a new system to log into, and it's holding up training. What is the likely cause of these complaints?
a) A communication plan was not designed during the Plan phase and buzz was not generated during the Deploy phase.
b) Cloud Kicks did not gain buy-in during the Analyze phase and the did not build buzz during the Build and Validate phase.
c) A training plan was not made during the Validate phase and buzz was not during the Design and Validate phase.
d) Cloud Kicks did not gain buy-in during the Design phase the solution was not designed.
03. When an Opportunity Stage is marked as Closed Won, Cloud Kicks wants an email to be sent to a team of Executives. This email should include details about the Opportunity along with the related Opportunity Products and Account.
Which solution should the Consultant recommend to active this requirement?
a) Use Workflow rules and HTML Email Templates
b) Develop an Inbound Email Service
c) Develop a custom Apex Trigger that uses custom email messaging
d) Use Process Builder and HTML Email Templates
04. During the Deploy phase at Cloud Kicks, users are finding it difficult to use a new system, which is adoption. How should the consultant avoid this issue in the future?
a) Gain buy-in during the Analyze phase.
b) Conduct a Beta review during the Validate phase.
c) Design a solution during the Build phase.
d) Develop test scripts during the Plan phase.
05. A case is created from a web form. If no active assignment rules exist, who will be assigned ownership?
a) Default Case Owner
b) Default Workflow User
c) System Administrator
d) Automated Case User
06. Good Kicks has the goal of generating high-quality leads by implementing Sales Cloud. Which metrics should the consultant analyze to determine the success of this goal?
a) Total number of Leads created by a Sales Rep
b) Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate
c) Lead to Quote Conversion Rate
d) Total number of Leads by source
07. What are two considerations when configuring the lead conversion process?
(Choose two.)
a) Custom lead fields can be mapped to account, contact, and opportunity fields.
b) Roll-up summary lead fields can be mapped to custom contact fields.
c) Standard lead fields are automatically converted to account, contact, and opportunity fields.
d) Custom lead fields can be mapped to custom object fields.
08. Leads created from the "Contact Us" form on the Northern Trail Outfitters' website are not being followed-up on in a timely manner. Management wants to be notified when a lead has NOT been followed-up within 24 hours if being submitted. Which action should be recommended?
a) Notify using publisher action
b) Send an email using lead escalation rule
c) Notify using Chatter on leads
d) Send an email using time-based workflow
09. Part of Cloud Kicks' solution design is to incorporate Lightning Experience. The Consultant wants to see if there is an increase in the number of Lightning users. How should a Consultant track this?
a) Use the Lightning Usage app and look at the monthly data graph.
b) Use the Lightning Experience transition Change Management Hub.
c) Create a report on users and filter for "Lightning user."
d) Create a report on users and add a Lightning component.
10. Management at Northern Trail Outfitters wants to see forecast numbers by all sales representatives and by multiple product groups. Which two actions should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
(Choose two.)
a) Build a custom forecast report showing product groups.
b) Implement Collaborative Forecasting with quota attainment.
c) Build a forecast list view by product family group.
d) Implement Collaborative Forecasting with product family.


Question: 01
Answer: a, b
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: a
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: a, c
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: b, d

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