Advantages of Earning VMware Certification

It is essential to understand what is Virtualization to order to perceive what is VMware. Virtualization can be explained as creating a virtual world in place of real matter as the operating system, server, network, storage, software, etc. This benefits to run various operating systems on a computer. Virtualization encourages you to operate the machine to the maximum level by parting its capacity.

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VMware is an organization which is specific in providing Virtualization on a desktop. Earning the right VMware Certification is not a cup of tea for everyone, but you should choose the VMware Certification as per your educational background and interests. The very prevailing version of VMware Certification is version 6. This certification can be split into five parts, i.e., FoundationsDesktop and Mobility, Cloud Management and Automation and Network Virtualization.

VMware Certification can be said to as one of the most sought-after IT Certification which will add an advantage to your resume. VMware Certification promises you to provide advantages listed below:

1. Great Career Opportunities

VMware offers some certification to those applicants who want to build their career in the field of virtualization. By selecting the right certification, applicants are exposed to various job opportunities. One can transform the job profile after earning VMware certification.

2. Stand Out from the Crowd

These days as the number of college pass outs are increasing, the fight for the job is also growing every day. But none of you is very much keen about taking a right professional certification which will make them available for the job. You are always happy with the traditional education system of the college. Therefore, it is very important to earn VMware certification for IT Professionals to establish a career in virtualization and networking. After getting VMware Certification, you will be different from the mass.

3. Excellent Career Prospects

After achieving VMware certification, you are exposed to an excellent level of career options. With great ambition, you can reach the highest level of your career.

4. Respect

After getting certification in VMware, you will observe the changes in the behavior of your co-workers. This will enhance the productivity of the Organisation. You can also inspire others to enroll in VMware certification.

5. Increase in Salary

It is very tough for you to negotiate your salary if you are a fresher. So you have to accept their offer. But if you have VMware certification on your resume then, it becomes very easy for you to negotiate salary with your management.

6. Apply for a Dream Job

VMware Certification confirms that you have high skills and expertise and therefore adds a special point in your resume. This will draw your potential employers.

7. Knowledge

VMware Certification gives you a better opportunity of learning that knowledge which will encourage you to keep your feet in the IT world. One thing is that the market and technology is continually evolving. That means that as a professional, it’s important to stay advanced, informed, knowledgeable about what’s new and what’s developing. A major benefit of doing a VMware certification is that you not only get excellent, in-depth knowledge in a particular product, but you also get the opportunity to test for a certification proving your knowledge.


Learning skills that are in demand is advantageous for everyone. VMware certification will influence your real experience with networking and servers, and build on that as you execute and manage virtualized environments.

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