Are the Premium Certification Practice Exam questions valid for any exam location?

Irrespective of geographical region or location, the Certification Exam Provider follows same exam pattern with the same question set for any certification exam. 

The Certification Exam Provider does not maintain different exam questions for the different geographical locations. For example, X certification exam conducted in the UK, US, AUSTRALIA and INDIA may have the same/similar set of questions. Hence, our premium questions bank is very much valid for the users from all over the globe.

How do I access the Demo Certification Practice Exam?

Please follow the steps given below to access the Demo Certification Practice Exam:

1. Sign into (Registration and Login are required to access all the features of user membership).

Help - VMExam Login Page

2. Go to the relevant Certification Practice Exam page and click on "Try Sample Exam" button.

Help - VMExam Product Page

How do I access the Premium Certification Practice Exam?

The Premium Certification Practice Exams are available in the premium member's account. Please follow the steps given below:

1. Sign into (Login is required to access any premium product)

Help - VMExam LogIn Page

2. Click on "My Premium Exams" option in User menu (Menu name starts with your username located in right side panel)

Help - VMExam My Premium Exams Page

How do I access all the questions of Premium Question Bank?

With the purchase of Premium  Certification Practice Exam, you get two months unlimited practice attempt access of following two practice exams.
  1. Full (NN question, MM hours)‚Äč
  2. Mini ((NN/2) questions, (MM/2) hour)

How do I report an error or mistake?

If you find provided information incorrect/inappropriate or having any typo error, please write to us on with the following details. We will resolve your concern as early as possible on priority.

1. Exam Name and Exam Code

2. Question Text or Page Title or URL

3. Registered username and email address

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