Citrix 1Y0-401 Prep Guide - Section 1

The objectives and examples for 1Y0-401 exam are developed by domain experts based on tasks that relate to assess and design comprehensive XenDesktop solutions. We suggest you refer to the objectives and examples listed in this guide to determine which topics will be on the exam, as well as examples of the topics that could be tested. The number of questions asked for each objective relates directly to the importance of that objective and is proportional to how frequently that task is performed.

Citrix CCE-V: Assessing the Current Environment

Objective Examples References
Identify the user types and the tasks they perform, as well as their needs and the permissions they require Determine most common user applications
Examine custom applications and application resource requirements for virtualization
Identify remote access requirements
Reference 1
Assess the condition and specifications of hardware components in the environment Assess the current hardware configurations
Assess the current hardware constraints
Determine number of sessions each current host can handle
Identify storage solutions
Identify differences (if any) between SAN storage types
Reference 1
Assess the configuration and constraints of the current environment, including desktop and application configurations and constraints Assess the environment configurations
Assess the applications and desktops including determining how apps and desktops are currently presented to the user
Reference 1
Assess the printing infrastructure Assess printing needs
Assess the configuration of printers and the types of printer drivers implemented
Perform print driver stress testing
Determine if printers are local or on a network
Determine how printers are created
Determine whether UPD is used
Reference 1
Assess the current imaging, provisioning, and deployment strategy for servers and desktops, as well as applications and web content Assess how desktops and apps are published
Determine if there are any scope limitations for applications
Assess the current provisioning of servers, desktops and apps
Assess the current imaging procedures for desktop and server OS
Reference 1
Assess the disaster recovery strategy in the current environment Assess if there is a configuration of a disaster recovery site and replication of infrastructure to the disaster recovery site
Assess the backup and restore procedures in place
Assess the types of data that are backed up
Assess the frequency at which the data is backed up
Identify the application data backup/restoration process
Reference 1

Reference 2
Assess the HA strategy in the current environment Identify the current HA strategy
Determine if the infrastructure components lack HA
Reference 1
Analyze the collected data Identify target users for applications or VDI
Determine storage location of user data and its impact on performance
Determine locations of business data and where applications reside
Reference 1

Reference 2

Your Citrix Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (1Y0-401) exam final score will be calculated by using grading algorithm. Your grades are calculated using the scores you receive for each item in all the sections. Your response to each question in CCE-V exam is considered independently and will not affect your answer to the next question. To make yourself comfortable with question type and exam pattern, we recommend you to prepare with Citrix 1Y0-401 Certification Practice Exam.

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