Citrix 1Y0-401 Prep Guide - Section 4

The objectives and examples for 1Y0-401 exam are developed by domain experts based on tasks that relate to Designing an Integrated Virtualization Solution. We suggest you refer to the objectives and examples listed in this guide to determine which topics will be on the exam, as well as examples of the topics that could be tested. The number of questions asked for each objective relates directly to the importance of that objective and is proportional to how frequently that task is performed.

Citrix CCE-V: Designing an Integrated Virtualization Solution

Objective Examples References
Design the user experience with remote session infrastructure. Recommend location of home folder, profile servers, and folder redirection
Recommend Citrix Profile management or thirdparty product for handling profiles
Recommend using endpoint analysis scans for accessing local disks
Recommend best use case scenario for FlexCast models based on user needs/experience
Recommend using personal vDisks and determine storage location
Determine if persistence is needed for installed applications/customized settings
Recommend licensing for the virtualization solution, including Citrix and RDS licensing. Recommend XenApp and. XenDesktop licensing
Recommend NetScaler licensing
Recommend concurrent vs. named licenses
Recommend RDS licenses
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3
Recommend the configuration and sizing of the new environment Recommend resource pool configuration and sizing
Recommend the number of servers and number of storage LUNs needed
Recommend the number of networks and NIC bonds
Recommend separation of network environment
Calculate the number of IOPS required depending on the storage that will be used
Calculate and recommend the size of the cache
Estimate the number of hosts, LUNs needed
Recommend the number of physical CPUs
Recommend the number of virtual machines per host (density)
Recommend the number of virtual machines per LUN
Recommend physical vs. virtual appliance for NS
Reference 1
Design virtual desktop solution Determine whether desktop should be persistent
Determine Provisioning Services vs. Machine
Creation Services for the provisioning of the solution
Determine hosted vs. VDI
Determine whether or not XenClient will be used for mobile users
Determine if Remote PC Access will achieve desired results for certain users
Reference 1

Reference 2
Design the virtual application solution Design a mixed app environment with XenDesktop and XenApp
Determine whether environment will use App-V
Determine number of servers based on app memory and CPU requirements
Determine use of 3D graphic cards
Determine app compatibility with 64-bit OS
Determine if apps are RDS aware
Recommend solution for any 16-bit apps
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3
Determine the FlexCast models that are needed in the environment Determine whether VDI or published apps will be used
Determine whether the user will have persistence
Determine whether users need offline access
Determine whether endpoint will be used and whether it supports the FlexCast models
Determine level of rights needed for the desktops
Reference 1
Design the provisioning infrastructure Determine the number of Provisioning Services servers needed based on target devices and network capabilities 
Design the storage configuration for the VHD files 
Design infrastructure for offline use 
Determine the location of master image storage 
Recommend storage based on IOPs requirements 
Recommend storage solution for backup images 
Determine Machine Creation Services requirements for communication with hypervisor 
Determine Machine Creation Services LUN sizing 
Recommend Provisioning Services boot options 
Recommend site configuration
Reference 1

Reference 2
Design the image management process for Server OS-hosted desktops and apps (XenApp) and Desktop OS-hosted desktops and apps (XenDesktop) Recommend versioning within Provisioning
Services (production/maintenance/testing)
Recommend image backups
Reference 1

Reference 2
Design the monitoring solution Create design that includes Citrix Director
Determine the Windows services to monitor
Determine whether shadowing will be allowed/ prohibited
Determine need for configuration logging in Studio
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3
Design Citrix policies around methods of access, user connectivity, user performance Determine use of HDX policies
Determine whether Universal Print Server or universal printer drivers are needed
Consider compression, bandwidth availability
Consider use of multi-stream
Determine need for load evaluators
Design policies based on FlexCast models - policy filtering
Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3
Design StoreFront with high availability and multiple store/ controller types Determine number of StoreFront servers
Determine load balancing of StoreFront servers
Determine the number of stores
Determine whether to hide certain stores
Determine type of store (subscription vs. mandatory)
Determine authentication methods
Determine need/or use of beacons in the environment
Determine the NetScaler Gateway configuration
Determine production and backup sites
Determine certificate requirements
Reference 1
Determine the database requirements Determine whether to use mirroring, clustering or
AlwaysOn availability groups
Determine whether to split the database
Determine database sizing
Determine whether changes can be made if the database is connected or disconnected
Design/recommend proximity of servers to the database
Reference 1

Reference 2
Determine the storage and IOPS requirements Determine random vs. persistent discs Recommend storage (NFS, iSCSI) Determine IOPS requirements based on types of users Reference 1

Your Citrix Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (1Y0-401) exam final score will be calculated by using grading algorithm. Your grades are calculated using the scores you receive for each item in all the sections. Your response to each question in CCE-V exam is considered independently and will not affect your answer to the next question. To make yourself comfortable with question type and exam pattern, we recommend you to prepare with Citrix 1Y0-401 Certification Practice Exam.

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