Citrix 1Y0-401 Prep Guide - Section 5

The objectives and examples for 1Y0-401 exam are developed by domain experts based on tasks that relate to Designing an Integrated Virtualization Solution. We suggest you refer to the objectives and examples listed in this guide to determine which topics will be on the exam, as well as examples of the topics that could be tested. The number of questions asked for each objective relates directly to the importance of that objective and is proportional to how frequently that task is performed.

Citrix CCE-V: Designing and Documenting the Infrastructure

Objective Examples References
Design the network architecture and specify requirements for bandwidth, network optimization, redundancy, and isolation Design a network solution that includes virtual network adapters
Determine the need to separate management traffic and storage traffic
Determine needs for NIC Bonding (active/active or active/passive)
Design segmented network traffic
Determine placement of services
Determine need for multistream ICA
Reference 1
Specify the Citrix components to implement in order to meet specific business needs, as well as the number of each component and the placement of each component Recommend the placement of NetScalers in the environment
Determine if load balancers are needed
Determine the use of HA vs. clustering
Reference 1

Reference 2
Design the storage architecture and specify requirements for IO, storage optimization, and redundancy Choose the right protocol for storage of golden images
Determine if intellicache will be used
Design redundant paths for storage
Determine the need for thin provisioning and chaining of vDisks
Reference 1

Reference 2

Your Citrix Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (1Y0-401) exam final score will be calculated by using grading algorithm. Your grades are calculated using the scores you receive for each item in all the sections. Your response to each question in CCE-V exam is considered independently and will not affect your answer to the next question. To make yourself comfortable with question type and exam pattern, we recommend you to prepare with Citrix 1Y0-401 Certification Practice Exam.

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