Citrix 1Y0-440 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Citrix 1Y0-440 Sample Questions:

01. Which three methods can a Citrix Architect use to assess the capabilities of a network infrastructure?
(Choose three.)
a) Review existing monitoring solutions for periods of latency, lost packets, and insufficient bandwidth.
b) Map the location of the users against the existing network topology.
c) Alter firewall rules of existing network to fit into the new Citrix ADC Deployment.
d) Examine the topology for single points of failure and potential bottlenecks.
e) Ensure that users and computers are in the correct organizational units (OUs).
02. Scenario: A Citrix Architect has implemented two high availability pairs of Citrix 5500 MPX and MPX 11500 respectively with nc version. The Citrix ADC devices are set up to handle Citrix ADC Gateway, Load Balancing, Application Firewall, and Content Switching.
The Workspacelab infrastructure is set up to be monitored with Citrix Application Delivery Management version nc by the Workspacelab administrators. The Workspacelab team wants to implement one more pair of Citrix ADC MPX devices 7500 with version nc.
The Citrix consulting team has assigned the task to implement these Citrix ADC devices in the infrastructure and set them up to be monitored and managed by Citrix Application Delivery Management.
The following are the requirements that were discussed during the project initiation call:
- Citrix Application Delivery Management should be configured to get the infrastructure information under sections such as HDX Insight, WEB Insight, and Security Insight.
- Configuration on the new MPX devices should be identical to that of MPX 11500 devices.
- Configuration changes after the deployment and initial setup should be optimized using Citrix Application Delivery Management.
- Citrix Application Delivery Management should be utilized to configure templates that can be utilized by Workspacelab team in future deployments.
- As per the requirement from Workspacelab team, Citrix Application Delivery Management should store the audited data for only 15 days.
Which configuration setting should the consultant configure to ensure that the audited data is NOT stored for more than 15 days?
a) System Prune settings
b) Syslog Prune settings
c) mps afdecoder logs to prune data after 15 days
d) mps analytics logs to prune data after 15 days
03. Which two features are supported on LBaaSv1?
(Choose two.)
a) Cookie Insertion
b) Layer 7 Load Balancing
c) Certificate Bundle
d) Layer 4 Load balancing
e) Server Name Indicator
04. What can help a Citrix Architect prepare to discuss time scales and resource requirements?
a) Creating a high-level project plan.
b) Meeting with each member of the project team to assign tasks.
c) Designing the new environment.
d) Setting expectations with the project’s key stakeholders.
e) Identifying challenges associated with the project.
05. Which HTTP request method can a Citrix Architect utilize to send the API NITRO call to modify the attributes of an entity in the Citrix ADC configuration?
a) GET
c) PUT
06. Which step does a Citrix Architect need to ensure during the define phase when following the Citrix Methodology?
a) Testing steps were integrated.
b) The project manager agrees with road map timelines.
c) A phased roll out was completed.
d) Existing networking infrastructure is ready.
e) The redundancy deployment decision was made.
07. A Citrix Architect can execute a configuration job using a DeployMasterConfiguration template on a Citrix ADC _________ deployed _________.
(Choose the correct option to complete sentence.)
a) CPX; as part of a high availability pair
b) CPX; as a stand alone device
c) SDX; with less than 6 partitions and dedicated management interface
d) MPX; as part of the cluster but Cluster IP is NOT configured
e) SDX; with no partitions as a stand alone device
08. Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to deploy a Citrix ADC for Workspacelab, which will provide application load balancing services to Partnerlab and Vendorlab.
The setup requirements are as follows:
- A pair of Citrix ADC MPX appliances will be deployed in the DMZ network.
- High Availability will be accessible on the Citrix ADC MPX in the DMZ Network.
- Load Balancing should be performed for the mail servers for Partnerlab and Vendorlab.
- Separate Management accounts must be available for each client.
- VLAN 120 must be used for data traffic of Vendorlab, and VLAN 150 must be used for the data traffic of Partnerlab.
- VLAN 160 must be used for the client-side traffic and must be shared between the partitions.
Which set of commands meets this requirement?
a) add vlan 160
bind partition Vendorlab vlan 160
set vlan 160 sharing ENABLED
bind partition Partnerlab vlan 160 Hosted VDI 
b) add vlan 160 sharing ENABLED
bind partition Vendorlab vlan 160
bind partition Partnerlab vlan 160
c) add vlan 160
bind partition Vendorlab vlan 160
set vlan 160 sharing ENABLED
bind partition Partnerlab vlan 160
d) add vlan 160 sharing ENABLED
switch partition Vendorlab
bind partition Vendorlab vlan 160
switch partition Partnerlab
bind partition Partnerlab vlan 160
09. Which four load-balancing methods support Citrix ADC Virtual Server-Level Slow Start?
(Choose four.)
a) URLHash
b) Least response time
c) Least Packets
d) Least Connection
e) Token
f) Least bandwidth
10. Under which two circumstances will a service be taken out of the slow start phase with automated slow start?
(Choose two.)
a) The service does NOT receive traffic for three successive increment intervals.
b) The server request rate parameters are set above 25 requests per second.
c) The actual request rate is slower than the new service request rate.
d) The percentage of traffic that the new service must receive is greater or equal to 50.
e) The request rate has been incremented 100 times.


Question: 01
Answer: a, b, d
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: a, d
Question: 04
Answer: a
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: e
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: b, c, d, f
Question: 10
Answer: a, c

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