Nutanix NCM-MCI Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Nutanix NCM-MCI Sample Questions:

01. A company needs to replicate their VMs to a remote site and must have an RPO of less than 1 hour. When creating a protection domain, what should an administrator do to meet this requirement?
a) Enable Async Replication with an RPO of 60 minutes
b) Enable Near-Sync Replication with an RPO of 15 minutes
c) Enable Entity Sync on the designated VMs
d) Enable Availability Zones and send the VM to multiple targets
02. While creating an image placement policy on the organizations AOS 5.15-based Nutanix cluster, the administrator wants to ensure there are no restrictions on using the selected images on clusters outside of the identified set. What type of Policy Enforcement must the administrator choose?
a) Soft
b) Internal
c) Hard
d) External
03. For several days, an administrator notices the following alerts:
- CVM NIC Speed Low Warning Alerts
- Warning Alerts of CVM NIC not performing at optimal speed
- CVM is disconnected from the network Critical Alert
- Network Visualization page shows excessive dropped packets on CVM/Host.
Which steps should be taken to determine which problem should be addressed first?
a) - Restart networking services on the CVM
- Determine the current configuration of the affected CVM via output
- Access the Alerts/Events page for the CVM network connection failures
b) - Review Alerts page for NIC speed alerts and alert timing
- Analyze the genesis.out log file for process failures
- Assess the NIC properties in the Network Visualization > Host Properties page
c) - Verify Host/CVM connectivity on the Network Visualization page
- Use to verify the bridge and bond configuration
- Review alerts/events page for the CVM disconnected error
d) - Access the Hardware Page to verify resources are available
- Analyze all CVM Speed Alerts in the Alerts/Events page
- Analyze output for the network and interface properties and connectivity issues
04. Microsegmentation was recently enabled in a Nutanix environment. The administrator wants to leverage Prism Central to create a policy that will block all traffic, regardless of direction, between two groups of Vms identified by their category.
Which policy should be used to meet this requirement?
a) A Quarantine Policy
b) An Isolation Environment Policy
c) An Application Security Policy
d) A Whitelist-Based Policy
05. An administrator needs to relocate an AHV cluster to a new datacenter during a maintenance window. The cluster will use the same IPs in the new datacenter. Which two steps should be taken to prepare for this task?
(Choose two.)
a) Stop all Nutanix Files clusters
b) Relocate the linked LDAP servers
c) Shut down all user VMs in the cluster
d) Reconfigure IPMI for the new datacenter
06. An administrator is configuring software only. Data-at-Rest Encryption on their Nutanix cluster. They are planning to deploy a third-party key management server (KMS). Where should this server be hosted?
a) As a single VM on the Nutanix cluster
b) On hardware external to the Nutanix duster
c) As a clustered VM setup on the Nutanix cluster
d) As a single VM deployed on the host that contains the Prism leader CVM
07. In a Nutanix cluster, a Protection Domain contains 50 entities that are replicated to a remote Single Node Replication Target. The current schedule configuration is as follows:
- Repeat every 6 hours
- Local Retention Policy 1
- Remote Retention Policy 8
- Starting time 12 am
At 8 am on Monday, the administrator discovers that a protected VM is corrupted. The latest good state was Sunday 2 pm. The administrator needs to maintain current protection. Which strategy should the administrator use to meet these requirements?
a) From the Remote site, activate the Protection Domain, then re-protect the entity.
b) From the Remote site, restore the VM from the local snapshot by selecting the correct snapshot.
c) From the local site, retrieve the correct remote snapshot, then restore the VM locally.
d) From the local site, restore the VM from the local snapshot by selecting the correct snapshot.
08. An organization is running a Nutanix Cluster based on AOS 5.10.x and VMware vSphere 6.7. Currently, the CVM network is segmented and Storage only nodes not present. A new security project based on NSX is coming. VMware Distributed Virtual Switches are required. The administrator needs to prepare the environment for the new project.
Which step should the administrator use to initiate the project?
a) Convert storage only nodes into vSphere nodes
b) Enable Jumbo Frames to accommodate network frames
c) Enable Nutanix Flow at the Prism Central Level
d) Manually disable CVM network Segmentation
09. The networking team makes changes to the Top of Rack switches to which the Nutanix cluster are attached. A few VMs are able to communicate with each other on the same node but are unable to connect to other parts of the network. What is the likely cause of this issue?
a) There is a VLAN misconfiguration on the VMs.
b) Jumbo Frame are misconfigured across ports.
c) The vNIC port is disconnected on the affected VMs.
d) There is a VLAN misconfiguration on the switch.
10. An administrator needs to forecast infrastructure requirements for a new program and its associated applications. Prior to the projected start of the new program, all existing applications will be decommissioned. How should the administrator perform this task?
a) Check the Disregard Existing Workloads radio button in the Runway scenario.
b) Check the Disregard Existing Nodes radio button in the Runway scenario.
c) Add up the recovered workloads and manually remove from the Runway configuration.
d) Power down the workloads during a maintenance window and run the Capacity Runway.


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: a
Question: 03
Answer: c
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: a, c
Question: 06
Answer: b
Question: 07
Answer: c
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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