Veeam VMCA Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Veeam VMCA Sample Questions:

01. What is the primary objective of the logical design phase in software architecture?
a) Writing detailed code for software components
b) Designing the user interface and user experience
c) Creating a high-level overview of the architecture
d) Mapping functional requirements to architectural components
02. Based on the customer's security requirements around restore capabilities, which components should be deployed?
a) Veeam Business view with RBAC policies defined
b) Veeam Oracle integrations
c) Enterprise Manager with granular RABC policies define
d) The Veeam Backup & Replication console with RABC policies defined
03. Why is it recommended to have a Veeam backup server at each of the three sites?
a) VMware cluster isolation.
b) Replication requires a backup server at each site.
c) VPN connections sites.
d) Each site has production data.
04. Which phase of Veeam's architecture methodology involves identifying the key business and technical requirements of the project?
a) Validation
b) Design
c) Discovery
d) Implementation
05. Which environmental parameter is affected a possible SureBackup job design?
(Choose 2)
a) Veeam University Hospital has VMware clusters in all locations. For security purposes, each cluster is dedicated to the department that it serves.
b) Virtual machines are stored on VMware encrypted datastores.
c) Each site as a 10 GbE link to the public internet, and all traffic between sites routed through these connections via VPN.
d) The current backups write to NFS storage.
e) Each site has 20 vLANs in use, with 16 being used for VMware workloads.
06. During architecture planning, Veeam Life and Indemnity decides that recovery point objective of gold tier machines should change from one hour to three hours with daily retention set to seven days. What will be impact on the Veeam design?
a) Proxies will require fewer resources
b) More proxy servers will be required
c) Repositories will require more resources.
d) The Veeam database size will increase.
07. Why might a design need to be further developed according to a modification scenario?
a) To accommodate changes in business requirements
b) To eliminate the need for user acceptance testing
c) To make the design look more aesthetically pleasing
d) To make the design consistent with the marketing materials
08. What information related to sizing the NAS infrastructure is missing and must be collected during the discovery?
(Choose 2)
a) Backup windows
b) Total number of network shares
c) Recovery point objective
d) Number of Scale-out Backup Repository extents currently used
e) Size of the source data set
09. Why are logical groupings of architectural components important?
(Select all that apply)
a) They simplify the architecture by reducing the number of components
b) They facilitate resource allocation and management
c) They optimize communication and resource sharing between components
d) They eliminate the need for performance testing
10. What is the main focus of the physical/tangible design phase in software architecture?
a) Creating logical groupings of components
b) Defining the relationships between software modules
c) Converting the logical design into a physical implementation
d) Generating user interfaces for the software


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: b, e
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: c, e
Question: 09
Answer: b, c
Question: 10
Answer: c

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