VMware 3V0-752 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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VMware 3V0-752 Sample Questions:

01. A company wants to deploy Horizon View 7.1 to provide virtual desktops to remote users without installing Horizon Client software.
For security and management reasons, they have asked for the following:
- No USB redirection
- No local printing
- Use of TCP only
Which two components and features meet the requirements?
(Choose two.)
a) Smart Policies
b) Direct Connection
c) HTML access enabled pools
e) SSL Certificates
02. An architect is designing a View environment for a customer who can accept no single points of failure. Which three VMware-supported options provide redundancy for the VMware vCenter Server 6.5 which manages desktop VMs?
(Choose three.)
a) VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat
b) VMware vSphere HA
c) Microsoft Cluster Services
d) vCenter HA
e) Enhanced Linked Mode
03. A company has a mix of older zero clients, Windows, and Mac devices as endpoints which connect to Horizon View 7.1 desktops.
An online meeting and conferencing application has been chosen as the new corporate conferencing solution. The company is concerned that the current Horizon View environment will not be able to support the added audio and video traffic.
What two things must be done to the environment to ensure proper functionality of the application?
(Choose two.)
a) Configure USB redirection group policy settings to disable the display of webcams and audio devices.
b) Enable RTAV through group policy
c) Configure USB redirection group policy settings to prioritize webcam and audio devices.
d) Migrate PCoIP to BLAST
e) Deploy Identity Manager to manage access to the online meeting and conference application.
04. Which resource can an architect use to calculate vSAN sizing and cost estimates when considering a VMware vSAN integration into a Horizon 7 design?
a) VMware vRealize Business
b) VMware vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon
c) VMware vSAN TCO and sizing calculator
d) VMware vSAN Design and Sizing Guide
05. A small government organization wants to deploy VMware App Volumes to support 80 end users on both a legacy Citrix XenApp environment and a-newly deployed VMware Horizon system using application pools. Due to a constraint, the customer cannot implement vSphere high availability.
Which is the minimum number of App Volumes Manager servers that can be deployed for redundancy?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
06. What is the maximum number of hosts and virtual machines supported by VMware vCenter Server v6.5 Appliance according to VMware?
a) 2,000 Hosts and 25,000 virtual machines
b) 200 Hosts and 2500 virtual machines
c) 100 Hosts and 1000 virtual machines
d) 1,000 Hosts or 10,000 virtual machines
07. An architect has been assigned to evaluate a VMware Horizon View implementation.
After discussions with the application owners, infrastructure team, and users, the architect confirms that there are legacy applications. The architect also discovers that there are login scripts used to map network printers and network drives.
Which two VMware Horizon View components can the architect recommend to address the discoveries?
‚Äč(Choose two.)
a) VMware ThinApp
b) VMware Mirage
c) VMware User Environment Manager
d) VMware Identity Manager
e) VMware Fusion
08. A company is struggling with shadow IT. Different departments are purchasing a wide range of different SaaS-based software.
To bring order and to ensure compliance, the CIO has decided to implement a Digital Workspace with the following goals, in order of importance:
- Present approved SaaS software to users and offer Single-Sign On (SSO) using a portal.
- Bring mobile devices under management, but still offer user choice. Enrolled users should get a better user experience. If not enrolled, access should still be provided.
- Allow access to internal web applications from the Internet without the need for a VPN solution. The internal Web applications support Kerberos for SSO.
- Critical to success is a great user experience.
Which solution satisfies all of these goals?
a) - Implement Workspace One cloud hosted. Deploy AirWatch Cloud Connector for user synchronization.
- Integrate both SaaS and internal web applications into the VMware Identity Manager Portal using the native support for SAML and Kerberos in the portal.
- Promote the native Workspace One mobile app to drive adaptive management of mobile devices.
b) - Implement Airwatch and VMware Identity Manager on-premises.
- Present SaaS based applications using VMware Identity Manager and configure AirWatch to do per-app VPN and Kerberos Identity Bridge to internal web applications.
- Instruct users to enroll into AirWatch for full functionality
c) - Implement Workspace One cloud hosted. Deploy AirWatch Cloud Connector for user synchronization.
- Deploy Horizon and publish a web browser to cover the seamless access to Kerberos enabled internal Web application.
- Promote the native Workspace One mobile app to drive adaptive management of mobile devices.
d) - Implement Workspace One cloud hosted. Deploy AirWatch Cloud Connector for user synchronization.
- Deploy Unified Access Gateway (UAG) on-premises.
- Configure UAG to perform Kerberos Identity Bridge and Application Proxy for internal web applications.
- Integrate SaaS applications and UAG into Workspace One Portal. Promote the native Workspace One mobile app to drive adaptive management of mobile devices
09. Which two areas can benefit from having multiple vCenter servers for desktop virtual machine management?
(Choose two.)
a) Power and provisioning operations.
b) Flexibility for managing maintenance windows.
c) Performance for user logon and logoff operations.
d) Restart and reset operations.
10. The CIO of a hospital which uses VMware Horizon has ordered a review of the main medical application that is accessed by all medical users.
As a result of the review, the CIO has asked the IT administrator to make the application available to his medical staff regardless of the device from which the user accesses the application.
Because this is the main medical software, there are a number of restrictions:
- Application must remain secure and under IT control at all times.
- Application must be available in all five of the company's main hospitals.
- Storage is limited at three of the five hospitals.
- Users must have a single point of entry to access the application.
- Application will be accessed by over 5,000 users.
Which two could be used to deploy the application?
(Choose two.)
a) VMware App Volumes
b) VMware Mirage
c) Horizon FLEX
d) Horizon Published Applications
e) VMware Fusion


Question: 01
Answer: c, e
Question: 02
Answer: b, c, d
Question: 03
Answer: b, c
Question: 04
Answer: c
Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: a, c
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: a, b
Question: 10
Answer: a, d

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