6 Tips to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

Amazon Web Services is ruling the cloud market with the greatest share value. Now, it has turned into an overbearing entity in the cloud market. AWS has possessed the cloud market in the past year and will continue the same in the following years as well. Not to state, IT professionals are shifting towards AWS cloud. AWS has offered some certifications to approve the applicant’s skill in AWS based on experience and enthusiasm. In this article, we will give you a step by step approach for the preparation of the AWS Developer associate certification exam. Let’s begin with what is of the AWS Developer Associate certification exam.

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The AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification

The AWS certified Developer associate exam certifies the applicant’s proficiency and technical knowledge on generating and managing applications on AWS. The AWS Developer Associate exam is a relatively easy exam. You require to have a perception of developing, designing, and expanding services on AWS.

The AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam Details

This Exam Validates an Applicants' Ability to:

  • Design, develop and deploy cloud-based explications utilizing AWS

  • Learn the core AWS services, users, and fundamental architecture best practices

  • Generate and manage applications drafted for Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), Amazon

  • Simple Workflow Service (SWS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation

  • DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon

  • Requirements for the AWS Developer Associate Exam

  • One or more years of practical experience in designing and producing applications on the AWS platform

  • Understanding of one or more high-level programming language

  • Knowledge core AWS services 

  • Capability to design, develop, and deploy cloud-based explication on AWS platform

Tips to Prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

The best preparation for this certification exam is a hands-on experience. We advise one or more years of hands-on experience using AWS, especially developing applications practicing AWS technologies and services.

1. Sign-up for Free Tier

The primary step to start preparing will be to acquire hands-on experience with AWS services. You can sign-up for the AWS free-tier account. This free-tier account gives you an introduction to virtually all the services AWS offers and it is an excellent method for you. The more you are easy with the AWS services, the more it is simple for you to pass the exam.

2. Read and Analyze AWS FAQs

The AWS Product and Technical FAQs reflects generally asked questions and issues. If you examine these FAQs, you could get answers to examination questions. We suggest at least read the following FAQS:

  • Cloud formation FAQs

  • Route 53 FAQs

  • EC2 FAQs

  • DynamoDB FAQs

  • RDS FAQs

  • S3 FAQs

  • IAM FAQs

  • SNS FAQs

  • SWF FAQs

  • SQS FAQs

  • And VPC FAQs

3. Study the White Papers

There are some AWS Whitepapers recommended examining. You can expand your technical knowledge about AWS services and technologies; those had been composed by the AWS team, freelancer analysts, and AWS partners. At least go through the following whitepapers:

  • Overview of AWS Services

  • Cloud Architectures

  • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes

  • AWS Security Best Practices

  • Development and Test on AWS

  • How AWS Pricing Work

4. Prepare with Recommended Books

Getting the right books for the AWS Developer Associate certification exam will benefit you in the preparation. Good books are the key to excellent preparation and add meaning to what you have already grasped. AWS has suggested several books for AWS Developer Associate exam. There are some other books that will solve the objective of presenting a study guide for you.

5. Take a Practice Tests

Test your knowledge online in clocked conditions. Once you have study the white papers, FAQs and official documentation given by AWS Amazon, it’s time to solve some practice questions and exam simulations. We recommend giving practice tests at VMexam.com; they can test your knowledge acquired.

6. Read Some Blogs and Participate in a Community

Make a study group, join a community or read blogs for advancing your knowledge. For instance, you can find appropriate knowledge browsing the vmexam blogs; it has a lot of additional and important information to take and clear your AWS Certification exam with an excellent score.


We hope that this article would help you to prepare for the AWS developer associate certification exam. If you are inquiring about commencing your career now into the cloud computing field, it is the best time to start preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification exam; it is the entry and least difficult of the associated level exams. Practicing, studying and reviewing with at least 2-hour everyday commitment for one month, you will be capable to achieve this certification.

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