AWS Big Data Specialty (BDS-C00) Certification to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Are You Thinking About Validating Your Big Data Skills?

The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) certification could be definitely what you are looking for.

According to the latest AWS Salary Survey, two-thirds of AWS professionals now take an official certification. Given the fast-changing nature of cloud tech, certifications are growing doubly valuable.

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Here is everything you want to understand about how to land this sought-after accreditation.

Firstly, they help professionals in keeping their product information up to date. Secondly, they give employers faith in a candidate’s skills and help them size up an applicant’s profile upon their job specification.

With data now, the world’s most valuable resource, having a Big Data-related certification on your resume, especially one issued by the world’s most successful cloud service provider, can give your career prospects a significant boost.

Companies want people who can obtain maximum penetration from the oceans of information they and their customers generate every day.

That means tech professionals who can show their talents in data analysis are hugely desirable. For those operating with AWS products, the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) certification is the top prize to strive for.

What Is the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty Certification?

AWS certifications are divided into nine sub-groups. Big Data is one of AWS’s three Specialty certifications, the others being Advanced Networking and Security.

As the name hints, this badge covers all things related to big data analysis on AWS and is aimed at professionals who are responsible for running complex Big Data analysis.

Broadly, the certification proves your ability to implement AWS Big Data services, design and maintain Big Data infrastructure, and take the power of AWS tools to automate elements of the analytical process.

The BDS-C00 exam is a multiple-choice, multiple-answer test, and you have 170 minutes to finish it. You will need to go to a local testing center to take it.

The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) certification requires to be renewed every three years.

The Essentials for the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) Certification

There are no prerequisites expected to sit for the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) certification.

Ideally, you will have at least two years of hands-on experience with AWS products under your belt before you get a run at the exam, but you do not need to have given any other exams.

Before, candidates for the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (BDS-C00) certification would have had to have gained a Cloud Practitioner or Associate certification before seeking a Specialty badge. However, in the interest of providing maximum versatility and equalizing the playing area for AWS professionals, AWS removed all existing prerequisites in late 2018.

AWS BDS-C00 Exam Requirements

  • To take the test, a person should have at least two years of experience in the management of AWS technologies.

  • The person should have a minimum of five years of experience in the field of Big Data analytics.

  • Conclusion of AWS services and information about AWS architecture and experience with the process of integration services with architectures.

  • Enough knowledge, experience, and knowledge of security practices used in AWS.

  • Data security, as well as way control knowledge.

  • Excellent control over designing and executing a cost-efficient and scalable AWS architecture for data processing.

Tips to Remember During AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam Preparation

  • Hands-on experience is a must. Get as much hands-on experience as you can. It will aid you a lot as the questions suggested are based on real-time scenarios.

  • Practice tests are beneficial to prepare for the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam.

  • Making use of the social media platform will be highly helpful for you as the people who have previously appeared for the exam take valuable feedback.

  • Clear your difficulties well in advance before the actual AWS BDS-C00 exam, as this will avoid last-minute stress.

  • Signing up for User groups and Discussion forums will also aid you in the same way.

  • Watch the AWS YouTube get updates on the latest technological changes and advancements. There is a massive collection of videos, which will be helpful for you to prepare for the exam.

  • Experience on Big Data will get you miles as just practicing the tests will not help you.

  • AWS Certified Big Data Specialty is a higher-level exam, and it requires you to have in-depth knowledge. Get as much experience as you can, and it will take you distances.

Career Prospect

AWS Big Data Specialty is in demand in the IT industry and can get a beautiful salary package depending on the overall skills and experience. Fast the need for Data Scientists is growing, and with AWS being one of the leading Big Data platforms in the world, it is safe to believe that AWS Certified Big Data Specialty has a better career outlook than any other field. Employers are trying individuals with excellent Big Data capabilities certified by AWS Big Data certifications.

AWS certifications in the IT industry are quickly becoming a requirement for many jobs related to AWS. The introduction of AWS Big Data Specialty certification has rocked the market as it equips the test takers with the best skills that they require to deal with Big Data and Analytics while assisting professionals in growing further in their careers. Since the certification is not that old, therefore making it might open an entire lot of new avenues of opportunities for you.

If you are a data scientist or are excited about Big Data and Analytics, then take the AWS BDS-C00 Certification Exam, ace it and get your dream job with the compensation you desire.

Average Salary of an AWS Certified Big Data Specialist

Like every other field, the salary of an AWS Certified Big Data Specialty depends on the experience, expertise, and verified track record along with the organization where the application has been sent. Every organization’s compensation structure is complex, and thus, one cannot and should not require equal pay for a comparable position in various organizations.

Undoubtedly, your skills, education, professional certifications, and knowledge play a significant role in making you a better compensation package, but for AWS certified Big Data Specialty, there is a massive demand in the market, and with appropriate experience, and you can quickly get your dream package.

One major question you should take into account is that clearing the certification of AWS Big Data Specialty is not that easy, and you would require to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of AWS Big Data analysis. Since the prerequisite of the exam is five years of experience in the field of IT, you are expected to have good knowledge about the subject.

Indeed, you can get an excellent package if you clear AWS Big Data Specialty certification, but the certification is necessary.

The average salary of Big Data Specialty is between $160,000-$250,000 per year depending on your experience in the field. The range grows if you acquire the AWS Big Data Specialty certification.

Final Words

The AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam is one of the toughest exams, and it asks you a lot of hands-on experience. It is desirable to have previous knowledge of Big Data technologies on AWS. The more experience you have, the more it is useful for you.

This guide will help you to become an AWS Certified Big Data Specialist. All you require to do is follow the preparation guide, gain more and more information, and pass the certification exam. If you are done with your preparation and studying for some useful AWS Big Data Certification Exam Practice Material, VMExam will help you achieve that.

Wish you luck for your AWS BDS-C00 Exam...!!!

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