Do's And Don'ts In A Test Review - Citrix

Have you ever taken a Citrix examination lately? Are you getting ready to take one quickly? For many who have taken Citrix exams before, now a couple of years, you would possibly recall feeling bombarded with data pertaining to our Certification Code of Conduct, Candidate Settlement and/or the 13 NDA statements that you just needed to acknowledge previous to sitting in your examination.

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The quantity of knowledge we throw at you is likely to be overwhelming, but it surely is an exquisite motive. We need to guarantee you're unquestionably conscious of the dos and don'ts of taking our exams. Our guidelines are in place to guard the integrity and confidentiality of the Citrix certification being sought. I'll admit, although they have a tendency to learn a bit of legalese, so I want to spell them out for you right here and supply some context around the method.

What, precisely, constitutes “misconduct,” in layman’s phrases?

  • No copying! Don’t acquire or make a duplicate of the examination (both physical or via memorization). Don’t promote, discuss, publish on-line (on social media networks, boards, chat rooms, or anyplace else) the examination and its contents.

  • Sharing, surely, in this case, will not be caring! Don’t share the review content material with anybody else. This consists of the questions, solutions, situations or some other content material of an examination with anyone. Whether or not in the very same phrases or a paraphrased model, examination content material is confidential and to not be made public. That is true previous to and following an examination.

  • Gadgets OFF! In the course of the examination, you'll be able to use any aids, notes, gear, or different something not approved by Citrix and Pearson VUE. Interval. Before the examination begins, you'll be requested to power off all your units and take away any good watches.

  • Nuh uh uhh! Don’t use unauthorized prep materials. Examples embody–however usually are not restricted to–“brain-dump” materials or different unauthorized printed examination content material previous to or throughout a review. There are corporations that publicize “follow exams” when they're promoting stolen mental property. In different phrases: don’t take shortcuts.

  • Offering phony ID. In different phrases, don’t attempt to impersonate one other individual or have another person take an examination on your behalf.

  • Depart it within the testing room. Don’t take–and even take into consideration taking–examination supplies together with questions and answers, graphics or notes (in any format), scratch paper, dry erase boards, or from the testing room.

  • Inform the reality. Don’t use falsified or altered paperwork to misrepresent certification standing. Examples embrace, however, should not be restricted to certificates, rating experiences, digital badges and different digital media.

  • Leave it alone. Don’t tamper with the testing facility equipment or try to make use of the tools for any perform apart from taking a Citrix certification examination. Examples embrace, however usually are not restricted to testing computer systems, signature pads, and surveillance cameras.

  • Quiet, please! Speaking or speaking with different exam-takers while in the exam room. This consists of each exam-related and non-exam-related conversations.

  • Do your individual work! Don’t give, obtain, or attempt to get the assist of any variety for any Citrix examination.

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