Reasons Why Getting Salesforce Certified Can Help You Get a Raise

Salesforce Certifications are no different, except perhaps that these make up some of the most sought-after certificates at the intersection of sales and IT.

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While most of this required knowledge of the platform, a growing subset of locations need technical and operational expertise that certification would sustain. Salesforce Administrator and developer posts generally do not require certification, but certifications help recruiters and hiring managers benchmark your skills and determine equal time.

1. Opportunities for the Certification:

Salesforce Certifications come in all forms and extents, so nearly anyone who works in Salesforce and needs to learn more about the tool can find a certification that fits their needs. The current paths are:​

Each of these certifications needs the initial certification exam and then yearly product update exams to keep your knowledge current. Salesforce releases new features three times a year in the winter, spring, and summer, and the update exams coincide with these releases. Not all Salesforce Certifications require an update exam for every version, though.​

Depending on how important your role and certification is to the company, talk with your team about the possibility of certification reimbursement. If you can implement projects during your education that show immediate ROI, your chances of getting reimbursed are much higher, so be ready to do some analysis and self-advocating.

2. Salary

Salesforce Certified Administrators can make between $40,000 and $100,000 a year, depending on education and experience levels, and the average salary for certified developers can climb even higher.

These salaries climb higher because the certification process lets companies benchmark your skills against other potential job candidates. While you may know the skills you have because you use them in your job every day, a potential employer is less able to quantify a list of skills on a resume. Salesforce Certification shows that you have proven knowledge of the platform, and you can use this knowledge in a defined way that they can compare against other employees or candidates.

3.Education as a Living

Maybe you already make enough money (good for you), and you’re interested in more lofty goals, like continued learning. Gaining and maintaining a Salesforce Certification may still be up your alley. Depending on the certification you achieve, you will have to complete between one and three release exams a year to keep your certification current.

4. Business Process Improvement

The Salesforce community is committed to sharing learning and improving the platform as a whole to the progress of all users, as evidenced by both the proliferation of the user's groups that meet and give knowledge and the certifications themselves. While sales and the B2B area can be astonishingly competitive, the Salesforce community grows because the members work to make the platform more powerful and comfortable to use.

Salesforce offers Salesforce University in addition to Trailhead - a series of training programs that prepare people to use the platform out-of-the-box and make those changes that build upon the platform’s power. You can extend your knowledge by performing the Super badge and Projects on Trailhead as well.

5. In-Depth Information on the Domain/Field

With a Salesforce Certification, you will get to know the in-depth knowledge of the platform, which will help you enhance your insights in sales and customer relations. Also, as you keep on digging through this field, you’ll get to know about various tools which you haven’t heard about before, even when you considered yourself to be the expert in that field.

6. Practice with the Help of Real-Life Situations

The training courses related to Salesforce Certification are meant to provide you with hands-on practice. They have a lot of material in place about industry-relevant live projects, case studies based on real-life situations and scenarios-with which you’ll learn a lot practically. You can expect about 12-hour training giving for live projects and 20 hours in class lab practice when you enroll for a Salesforce Certification.

Even when you have experience as a salesforce professional, we suggest you go for a Salesforce Certification if you are working at an organization/firm involved in looking for the active presence of customers, who want that their company becomes a topic of discussion amongst the customers.

7. Business Estimation According to Employers

Employers without any second thoughts realize the importance of Salesforce certified experts were adding advantages to their business. Hence, with time more and more organizations are ready to hire the certified individuals than non- certified candidates. Presently, there is a massive population of applicants competing for the position in the Salesforce market.


Salesforce Certifications can cost you or your company a lot of money to start and sustain, but the ROI for you and the company will more than prove its worth. Knowledge for its own sake is excellent, but don’t expect your company to reimburse you for a skill you don’t use daily to improve their bottom line.

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