VCTA-DCV 2022 Exam: What Is VCTA and How to Get 1V0-21.20 Certification?

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If you aim to study VCP-DCV soon, learning VCTA-DCV prior will get you on the right track. The Associate, VMware Data Center Virtualization exam tests a candidate's basic understanding of virtualization and vSphere concepts, data center technology, and basic troubleshooting concepts.

The VCTA-DCV 2022 holder has a basic understanding of virtualization and vSphere concepts. The badge holder also demonstrates knowledge of data center technology and basic troubleshooting concepts. VCTA-DCV holder also has a working knowledge of leading cloud resources and basic networking concepts.

What Is the VCTA?

The VCTA is an optional certification that is pathway-specific. While the VCA-DBT is a general certification covering all significant learning tracks, the VCTA is a new accreditation level with six various certifications.

The Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization Exam (1V0-21.20), which leads to VMware Certified Technical Associate - Data Center Virtualization 2022, is 51 questions in the exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Exam time is 135 minutes.

Because VCs are a certification level, not an individual exam, their test material varies by domain.

The VCTA-DCV 2022 focuses on a basic understanding of virtualization in general and vSphere concepts specifically. Passing the exam requires that you prove basic networking concepts, working knowledge of leading cloud resources, a grasp of data center technology, and the ability to perform basic troubleshooting concepts.

Is The VCTA-DCV 2022 Worth It?

VMware is a popular choice for virtualization among enterprise organizations. While it does not dominate any particular industry area, the company is a consistent player that delivers exceptional results and has a core set of loyal customers. In short, VMware is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it is even growing in popularity.

Until recently, VMware certifications were nearly geared toward IT professionals at the systems administrator level and higher, all the access to engineers and architects. VMware offered one generic certificate, the VMware Certified Associate - Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT), but that was concentrated more on product awareness and proposed by sales representatives and marketing professionals.

In late 2020, VMware released a new set of certifications concentrated on operators: the VMware Certified Technical Associate. VCs target people who need more technical information than the simple product awareness approved by the VCA-DBT, but not quite at the professional level required to get a VMware Certified Professional Certification (VCP).

The VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) is the foundation-level exam for VMware. With this certification in hand, VMware is essentially vouching that the candidate knows their way around basic virtualization thoughts and troubleshooting.

When new to the industry, the credibility the VCTA gives can be an invaluable asset that shows you are serious about the virtualization career path you have chosen and are willing to put in the work to get new technologies.

VCTA-DCV 2022 for Systems Administrators

The VCTA-DCV would be an attractive choice for systems administrators broadening their horizons into VMware products and services. If you have any real-time Sysadmin under your belt, the general concepts of networking, leading cloud resources, working within a data center, and essential troubleshooting will be a breeze.

Earning a VCTA is an easy way to hold your toe in the water and demonstrate your awareness of how the concepts you have already mastered are applied within the VMware world. Consider earning this even if there is no direct application on your horizon. The possibilities of you running into VMware technology during your career are incredibly high. If you can prove that you have a basic working knowledge of VMware products and services, you will have a leg up on any other job candidates you are competing against.

If you already have VMware experience, however, this VCTA-DCV 2022 certification is too essential for you. Begin with the VMware Certified Professional accreditation and move up from there.

Whether making one of the VCTA certifications is worth it depends on where you are in your career. VCTAs are designed to be entry-level certifications, meaning that you are new to the industry, e.g., a freshly-graduated college student or have broad experience but are just now moving into the VMware world.

The material is easy to master, and the cost of sitting for an exam is highly affordable, so there is no reason not to pursue a VCTA unless you already have a higher-level VMware certification.

Using the VCTA-DCV 2022 to Learn Skills:

Earning a VCTA-DCV 2022 is an excellent way to learn how fundamental concepts are applied in a VMware-specific arena. VCTAs are also crucial for learning those basic concepts if you are a newly minted IT professional in any particular arena.

Using the VCTA-DCV 2022 to Prove Skills:

VCTAs are designed to validate a very appropriate set of skills. If you are at a point in your career were showing that you can apply your IT abilities in a VMware working environment would be valuable, pursuing a VCTA-DCV 2022 is an excellent start.


As with any VMware certification, an excellent place to start is with the exam's accompanying documentation that outlines the time allotted, essential score to pass, test subjects, and an abundance of additional links to weed through.

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