Why AWS Certification Really Matters?

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As we all know, how hard it is to achieve the highest position in an organization in this competing world, but it is possible when you have extraordinary experiences like AWS DeveloperAWS solution architect, DevOps Master.

While you are reading minds to do AWS certification, first, we have to make the decision and understand in brief about AWS for beginners, readers, and students.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform gives on-demand cloud computing services for personal usage, business use, and for government projects on paid subscriptions basis. 

Why AWS becomes a God of Cloud Computing?

We all know Amazon is well known for its ability to changing the USA’s retail market by offering affordable, fast, and better services to customers. AWS cloud computing solutions are serving the same way by providing all types of cloud computing services, which are much efficient, fast, and better than others.

The main three features of AWS services are:

  • AWS is economical to organizations.

  • AWS is scalable because it is offering are different for business to business like it is also available for startups, small businesses, and large businesses.

  • AWS is much more reliable because currently, AWS has many data centers that are regularly monitored and strictly maintained. They decided to keep their database centers as protected as possible.

Reasons for Getting AWS Certified

1. Cloud Technology is the Future

The primary matter you should have as a developer or technology professional is staying on the cutting side of your industry. Finding out about and including technology trends early on will give you indispensable to the companies you work for.

For years, business owners and industry professionals have recognized that cloud computing is the future of technology. It is expected that by the year 2020, nearly 85 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Rather than making technology pass you by, now is the time to get AWS certified.

2. Eligibility for the Subject Matter Expert Program

Expanding your understanding of AWS can help you create more opportunities for yourself regardless of what career path you want to take. When becoming AWS certified, you will have a chance to take hold of the subject matter expert program. This program allows you to go to different workshops. These workshops are designed to aid you to examine the development process and get in-depth knowledge that can help you improve your skillset.

With the knowledge from these workshops, you can raise your understanding of AWS and how to apply it to several complex projects. When applying for a job, having this class experience will aid you in setting yourself apart from the competition.

3. AWS Certification Is an Achievable Aim

Setting aims to become the best developer or programmer in the world is considered unattainable. Rather than spending your time and energy into these unattainable aims, you need to set your focus on realistic ones. Getting AWS certified it is very achievable. Even if you are not that easy with this platform, there are tons of online resources that can aid you out.

Instead of getting confused with the amount of data you are presented with through this certification process, take your time. You require to remember that getting AWS certified, there is not a race, and you have as much time as you need.

4. Enhance the Visibility of Your Resume

Many multinational organizations are requiring AWS Certified professionals who have visited AWS training. So they will be assured that you are regarding best and excellent practices while performing, so if you are AWS certified, then your resume will be highlighted in the list to enhance your hiring chances.

5. New Height to Your Expertise

If you want to develop your skills or expertise in the cloud computing field, then AWS certification is best for you. AWS certification will encourage your resume and your profile. Still, for that, you must know about AWS probably as well as practically. Once you make your path by doing initial certification, then you can go for another certification or advanced certification in this field.

6. Specialty Tracks Help You Expand Your Current Career

Once you start down the path of learning about AWS services and getting certified, the journey does not have to end there. Amazon has launched AWS specialty track certifications in subjects like networking and security that help you to keep your skills honed and to allow you to learn new aspects of the platform. To sit for any of the AWS specialty exams, one of the core AWS associate exams must be achieved first to be eligible.

7. Show Your Dedication to Your Profession

One of the central goals you should have as a developer is determining how committed you are to become the best in your industry. When business owners begin to use developers and programmers, they need to put people in place that will be motivated and simple to manage. If you have AWS certification on your resume, it will give a business owner just how much commitment you have to expand your skills.

Displaying this commitment will aid you in opening a world of new possibilities. While getting this certification will not be clear, it is worth the time and energy you invest. Learning how to use the different AWS message boards and forums can help you much.

8. Trending AWS Community

When you get AWS certified then you are eligible to join AWS community where AWS certification achievers can view and connect worldwide AWS certified professionals and supports multiple worldwide events, or AWS conferences invite free study materials, practice exams, Live coding technical demos, start announcements to be prepared for further AWS projects or certification exams.

When you enter in AWS community, Amazon will share Amazon certified logo and a digital badge to brand your expertise.

We all understand that AWS Cloud platform is at high demand right now and working with fortune 100 clients, so AWS is continuously producing new tools, and they are giving all the updates on their community to help AWS certified professionals.


In closing, AWS has become one of the fastest-growing technology products in information technology. Companies are moving ahead with AWS at astounding rates. Getting your AWS certification now will help you to gain the necessary knowledge and learn the tools needed to work within this new view of technology.

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