Citrix 1Y0-440 (CCE-AppDS) Certification Exam Syllabus

1Y0-440 Dumps Questions, 1Y0-440 PDF, CCE-AppDS Exam Questions PDF, Citrix 1Y0-440 Dumps Free, CCE-AppDS Official Cert Guide PDFThe Citrix 1Y0-440 exam preparation guide is designed to provide candidates with necessary information about the CCE-AppDS exam. It includes exam summary, sample questions, practice test, objectives and ways to interpret the exam objectives to enable candidates to assess the types of questions-answers that may be asked during the Citrix Certified Expert - App Delivery and Security (CCE-AppDS) exam.

It is recommended for all the candidates to refer the 1Y0-440 objectives and sample questions provided in this preparation guide. The Citrix CCE-AppDS certification is mainly targeted to the candidates who want to build their career in Networking domain and demonstrate their expertise. We suggest you to use practice exam listed in this cert guide to get used to with exam environment and identify the knowledge areas where you need more work prior to taking the actual Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution exam.

Citrix 1Y0-440 Exam Summary:

Exam Name
Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution (CCE-AppDS)
Exam Code 1Y0-440
Exam Price $300 USD
Duration 150 minutes
Number of Questions 64
Passing Score 65%
Recommended Training / Books CNS-420: Citrix Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration
Schedule Exam PEARSON VUE
Sample Questions Citrix 1Y0-440 Sample Questions
Recommended Practice Citrix Certified Expert - App Delivery and Security (CCE-AppDS) Practice Test

Citrix CCE-AppDS Syllabus:

Section Objectives

Networking Methodology and Assessment - 11%

Use the Citrix Methodology to plan projects. - Citrix Methodology 
Identify/Prioritize Business Drivers and Requirements. - Process success criteria, Identify critical business driver.
Determine how to Segment users into defined use cases. - Discuss existing user filters.
Determine key Application Assessment and Categorization. - Evaluate business critical and business optional resources.
Determine how to perform Capabilities Assessment. - Gain an understanding of current environment configurations and identify risk.

Citrix ADC Deployment Architecture and Topology - 14%

Determine the appropriate Multi-Site Deployments design. - Citrix Gateway double hop training scenario
- Secure web gateway scenarios
- How to use Citrix ADC across DMZ, PCI, and Internal
- Multi-tiered architecture (Citrix ADC in DMZ pointing to NS to Internal)
- Design across datacenters
Determine how to design Multi Tennant Infrastructure. - SDX Topology and Networking
Determine how to analyze Citrix Cloud design. - Citrix ADC on Azure, AWS, Citrix cloud.

Advanced Authentication and Authorization - 21%

Determine how to review Configuration components for AAA - Evaluate current AAA design and infrastructure.
Determine how to evaluate the Authentication Process and options - Determine clientless access through the Gateway to allow access to Published Applications or SAAS Applications.
- Evaluate authentication and authorization policies.
Determine Session Management with AAA - Determine how to evaluate the Authentication Process and options
Determine how to utilize and implement MultiFactor (nFactor) Authentication - nFactor credential Evaluation
- nFactor Use Cases

Citrix ADC Security - 12%

Determine how to evaluate the Authorization configuration options - Command policies, Access policies
Determine the End Point Analysis Considerations - Pre-authentication, post-authentication, advanced end point analysis (opswat), quarantine groups.
Define the correct protection against specific Layer 4-7 attacks - Access Control List, HTTP DOS Protection, Rate Limiting, HTTP Profile SYN Cookies, AppQoE, Application Firewall, IP Reputation

VPN Configuration - 12%

Determine how to evaluate VPN Access Scenarios and Configuration. - VPN Networking: Split Tunnel, Intranet IPs, Intranet Applications, Authorization Policies, clientless, PCoIP Proxy, RDP Proxy
Determine how to Configure split tunneling and Authorization. - Configure split tunneling and Authorization.
- Global override settings and policy configuration to separate the traffic as needed.
Determine RDP Proxy Configuration - Stateless Gateway solutions, Single Gateway solutions, Deployment through CVPN and deployment through ICA Proxy.
Determine ICA Proxy Considerations - Publish application launch process, Application enumeration, Storefront considerations.

Advanced Traffic Management - 11%

Determine how to implement Advanced Load Balancing setup - Load Balancing: Load Balancing Profile Creation.
- Exchange and OWA.
- Link Load Balancing and Data Stream configuration.
- MBF PBR forwarding Tables.
- How to configure load balancing across DMZ, PCI, and Internal multi-tiered architecture.
- Advanced LB – Traffic settings/Spill over/binding tcp/http/Netprofiles / Advanced Load Balancing Settings.
- LB of Exchange and active sync servers / Data streams / Link Load balancing, Firewall Load balancing and different deployment methods.
Determine how to Implement Advanced Global Server Load Balancing setup - GSLB: Storefront load balancing across Data Centers.
- Multi Data Center Monitoring.
- Citrix ADC MultiData Center Architecture.
- GSLB for SF LB across DC’s, Site persistence/ Proximity methods

Citrix Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration - 19%

Determine how to use Citrix Application Delivery Management for Citrix ADC Automation - Evaluate configuration jobs, certificate management, monitor device and application status, automated firmware update.
Determine how to assess the Orchestration ability - Integration of Citrix ADC products with open stack cloud orchestration.
Determine how to utilize NITRO - NITRO API
Determine how to create Stylebooks - Stylebooks formats, Components, Use Stylebooks in a given scenario.

Recommended Knowledge and Skills for 1Y0-440:

- Identify and prioritize business drivers, constraints, and requirements using the Citrix Consulting methodology
- Assess environment requirements and learn to apply leading design principles to address them in a multi-site Citrix ADC deployment.
- Apply advanced authentication and load balancing principles.
- Utilize Citrix ADC Application Delivery Management for monitoring Automation and Orchestration.
- Identify steps to take in advanced troubleshooting scenarios.
- Ability to evaluate environment documentation and assess necessary adjustments to meet required environment specifications.
- Assess the environment’s current security configuration and make necessary adjustments to bring in line with leading security practices.
- Configure different methods of client connection including Citrix Gateway, VPN, Split Tunneling and other proxy configuration options.

Recommended Product Experience for 1Y0-440:

Item Description
Citrix Networking technologies and concepts such as: - Citrix Methodology and Assessment
- Citrix ADC Deployment
- Citrix Application Delivery Management v12.x
- Citrix Gateway
- Citrix ADC Security
- Traffic Management
- AppExpert
- Application Firewall
- Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
- GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing)
- Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration
- Nitro API

Time Limit:

Type of Candidate Time Limits* Notes
Native English speakers 150 minutes  
Non-native English speakers that take the exam in countries where English is a foreign language 150 minutes + 30 minutes (time extension) Time extension granted automatically
Non-native English speakers that take the exam in countries where English is NOT a foreign language 150 minutes + 30 minutes (time extension) Must request time extension from Citrix.
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