Benefits of Earning VMware Certification


As VMware technology provides for conducting the IT services over common infrastructure, data center in Cloud and on mobiles by server and desktop virtualization software, some desire for gaining VMware Certification is rising.

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A few of the VMware certification benefits have been explained here.

With VMware technology, the IT is made simple, and workloads are expanded faster, operations are automatic, the availability is risen, and, so forth. In abstract, it is a practical solution, wherein multiple operating systems are installed on a single physical workstation or server for workstations or the servers.

To understand, implement, deploy, and manage businesses on VMware technology, the IT service vendor deliver training through their trainers on premises or at their authorized learning partners’ center.

An overview of the VMware learning benefits for both the employees and employers, the key employers who look forward to hiring the VMware certified people had been discussed here.

Key Employers:

The key employers of VMware Certified Professionals [VCP] include Tata Consultancy Services Limited, International Business Machines Corporation, IBM India Private limited, Accenture, HCL Technologies Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd., NewWave Computing Pvt. Ltd., and, etc.

As per VMware learning zone,

  • 97% Agree that the certification has improved their credibility

  • 92% Agree that it has increased job productivity

  • 92% Agree that they can provide a higher level of customer satisfaction

  • 89% Agree that they can handle complicated projects and issues

  • 87% Agree that it has increased their earning power

  • 92% Agree that it has developed their career expectancies

Business Advantages of Implementing VMware Technology:

The rising demand for getting the VMware certification could be attributed for the following reasons:

  1. Cost Savings:

    The virtualization carried by multiple servers decreases the physical server requirements, storage space, and reduces the energy bill. Additionally, it minimizes the carbon footprint, cooling costs, floor space, UPS costs, and so onward. Moreover, the maintenance or upgrade costs also get reasonable.

    For instance: The use of VMware vCenter Server.

  2. No Downtime:

    The systems will operate continuously. The program gets updated automatically and is moved to all of the hosted virtual servers, in case a server crackups. Thus, the business will have system availability without any downtime. It makes the distributed power management [DPM] and the distributed resource scheduler [DRS] highly possible.

    For instance: The use of VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, VMware vMotion.

  3. Backup and Recover:

    It is more comfortable and faster to backup the virtual machines. The failure recovery is made easy as the backups are at image-level through snapshot technology. A single file, single mail, mailbox, database, or the whole server could have backups at three levels. They are server level, application, and the file level.

    For instance: Use of the IGS and the VMware virtualization.

  4. Virtual Labs:

    The invention of virtual labs encourages you to test the exchange, vSphere, Active Directory, and, etc. Further, the software test, configuration of the system, and updates can be done without additional time and effort as there is no requirement to transform the workstations. It cuts down the time and investment cost for the company.

    For instance: VMware vCenter Lab Manager.

  5. Security:

    You can build virtual networks and separate the server as required. Thus, the sensitive data would be controlled by only the authenticated personnel, and there is no concern of exchange of information between evil hands, that may drive to data infringement and ultimately the trust of the partners or the customers.

Individual Benefits of Earning VMware Certification:

  • VMware gives plenty of certifications that help you to express and prove the proficiencies in the field.

  • This roadmap to VMware certifications would lead you through the available certification courses and its level of expertise for an individual aspiring to obtain VMware technology as his career path. 

It involves all of the four sections of expertise particularly,

  • Network Virtualization Certifications

  • Cloud Management and Automation

Going ahead, being a VMware Certified Professional [VCP], you may enjoy the following requirements:

  • Recognized globally for technical skills and knowledge

  • Improved possibilities for Career progression

  • Application of the certification logo on social profiles and resume

  • Gain VMware Digital Badge

  • Acquire access to the portal and logo merchandise store

  • Gain discounts for VMware Press and events

Further, by earning VCDX certification, you will receive:

  • A Polo shirt

  • Assistance for the Press release

  • Featured on VCDX directory

  • Membership in VExpert community

  • Access to exclusive social group

To wrap up, the studies show that IT employers are spending more in Training and assessment for their team, as per the survey by computer-based testing company Pearson VUE. And VMware stands third among the top 10 certification programs.

Being certified means, you are in step with the advanced cloud and virtualization technologies.

Thus, it is time to improve your skills and stay competitive in the job market.

The real benefits of earning a VMware certification are the value of continued education and keeping your technical skills in pace with the fast-growing industry. Also, it gives the perk in salary, position, and status of the concerned professional.


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