Citrix Offers Digital Badges to Certified Citrix Professionals

A badge is a representation of an outcome or achievement. Badges are often used in contexts like scouting, gaming, social sites and rankings or authority. Open Badges refer specifically to badges that adhere to an open standard being led by Mozilla for recognizing and validating learning. Open Badges are secure, web-enabled credentials that contain granular, verified information employers can use to evaluate an individual’s potential.

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Representing your credentials as badges give you the ability to broadcast your skills and tell your professional story online with single-click access to validated credential information. Many employers are learning about Open Badges, so curating an online portfolio of your credentials will place you at the forefront of what will become a convenient currency for communicating professional skills.

Your Citrix certification credentials will be represented by a digital image, which contains verified metadata that describes your qualifications and the rigorous process required to earn them. With these badges, you will, combine your credentials to form a complete overview of your skills email or display your qualifications on social and professional networking sites provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials

The initial pilot phase of this initiative will focus on delivering digital badges to those that have achieved our expert-level certification. Citrix Education has partnered with Acclaim to deliver your badges through their online digital badging platform. Certified Citrix professionals who hold the following certifications can now purchase certification plaques -digitally reproduced Citrix certificates on high quality recycled wooden substrates - to hang on walls in their offices and homes:

Digital badging makes it easy for certification holders to showcase their Citrix credentials on places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

If you hold the Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE-V) or Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP-V) certification, the only two active certifications that required multiple exams to initially attain, we have made it simple for you to recertify by taking and passing one exam.

While the certification you would like to retain is still current, that is, prior to the expiration date of your individual certification, take and pass the most up-to-date exam associated with that certification.

For example:

  • CCE-V: take and pass the 1Y0-403 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment Design and Advanced Configurations exam

  • CCP-V: take and pass the 1Y0-312 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Advanced Administration exam

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