VMware 2V0-621 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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VMware 2V0-621 Sample Questions:

01. Which VMware Single Sign-On component handles STS authentication requests?
a) Security TokenService
b) Administration Server
c) VMware Directory Service
d) Identity Management Service
02. In which two vsphere.local groups should an administrator avoid adding members?
a) SolutionUsers
b) Administrators
c) DCAdmins
d) ExternalPDUsers
03. An object has inherited permissions from two parent objects. What is true about the permissions on the object?
a) The common permissions between the two are applied and the rest are discarded.
b) The permissions are combined from both parent objects.
c) No permissions are applied from the parent objects.
c) The permission is randomly selected from either of the two parent objects.
04. Which two advanced features should be disabled for virtual machines that are only hosted on a vSphere system?
a) isolation.tools.unity.push.update.disable
b) isolation.tools.ghi.launchmenu.change
c) isolation.tools.bbs.disable
d) isolation.tools.hgfsServerSet.enable
05. The virtual disks that are created on an NFS datastore are ________.
a) in a format dictated by the NFS server
b) thin provisioned
c) thick eager-zeroed
d) thick lazy-zeroed
06. What network is used for HA Network Heartbeat configuration on a Virtual SAN cluster?
a) The Management network.
b) The vMotion network.
c) The Virtual SAN network.
d) The Fault Tolerance Network.
07. After a host failure, a virtual machine has not restarted. Which two reasons could be the cause?
a) Virtual machine was not protected by HA at the time of the failure
b) Virtual machine is using an RDM
c) Virtual machine does not have VMware Tools installed
d) Insufficient spare capacity on available hosts
08. Which minor badge items make up the Efficiency badge score for an ESXi host in vCenter Operations Manager?
a) Workload, Anomalies, Faults
b) Workload, Stress, Density
c) Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining
d) Reclaimable Waste, Density
09. How can an Auto Deployed ESXi server obtain IP addressing for VMkernel ports?
a) During the Auto Deploy process, you are prompted to define an IP address.
b) IP addresses can be static DHCP reservations.
c) IP addresses can be provided through an answer file.
d) IP addresses can be defined via FDM agents.
10. Which two virtual machine states would indicate a fault in the Virtual SAN cluster?
a) The virtual machine is non-compliant and the compliance status of some of its object is noncompliant
b) The virtual machine object is inaccessible or orphaned
c) The operating system is frozen
d) Snapshots are failing


Question: 01
Answer: d
Question: 02
Answer: a, b
Question: 03
Answer: b
Question: 04
Answer: a, b
Question: 05
Answer: d
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: a, d
Question: 08
Answer: d
Question: 09
Answer: b, c
Question: 10
Answer: a, b

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