VMware VCP-DTM 2023 Certification Exam Syllabus

2V0-51.21 Dumps Questions, 2V0-51.21 PDF, VCP-DTM 2022 Exam Questions PDF, VMware 2V0-51.21 Dumps Free, VCP-DTM 2022 Official Cert Guide PDFThe VMware 2V0-51.21 exam preparation guide is designed to provide candidates with necessary information about the VCP-DTM 2023 exam. It includes exam summary, sample questions, practice test, objectives and ways to interpret the exam objectives to enable candidates to assess the types of questions-answers that may be asked during the VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Management 2023 (VCP-DTM 2023) exam.

It is recommended for all the candidates to refer the 2V0-51.21 objectives and sample questions provided in this preparation guide. The VMware VCP-DTM 2023 certification is mainly targeted to the candidates who want to build their career in End-User Computing domain and demonstrate their expertise. We suggest you to use practice exam listed in this cert guide to get used to with exam environment and identify the knowledge areas where you need more work prior to taking the actual Professional VMware Horizon 8.x exam.

VMware 2V0-51.21 Exam Summary:

Exam Name
Professional VMware Horizon 8.x (VCP-DTM 2023)
Exam Code 2V0-51.21
Exam Price $250 USD
Duration 125 minutes
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score 300 / 500
Recommended Training / Books VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage
VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track
VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage - On Demand
Schedule Exam PEARSON VUE
Sample Questions VMware 2V0-51.21 Sample Questions
Recommended Practice VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Management 2023 (VCP-DTM 2023) Practice Test

VMware VCP-DTM 2023 Syllabus:

Section Objectives
Architectures and Technologies - Differentiate between VDI deployed on-premises or on cloud platforms
- Describe disaster recovery and high availability
- Determine user client types (zero client, thin client)
- Explain basic virtualization concepts
- Describe software-defined data center and the cloud infrastructure
- Describe user profile-management
- Describe application virtualization
- Describe scalability (Global Entitlement Layer with Cloud Pod Architecture)
- Understand use cases for display protocols
VMware Products and Solutions - Identify Horizon Enterprise components and subcomponents (Thin App, App Volumes, Horizon, vSphere, DEM)
- Identify and describe VMware disaster recovery, high availability and scalability (All VMware products; Cloud Pod Architecture, load-balancing, etc.)
- Differentiate and match use cases with VMware products (Horizon or Horizon Cloud Service)
- Describe the benefits of Workspace ONE Access for Horizon
- Describe Unified Access Gateway appliance
- Describe the interoperability of Horizon with other VMware products
Planning and Designing  
Installation, Configuration, and Setup

- Identify infrastructure requirements (minimums, maximums, and recommended sizing requirements, OS version support, database versions, on-premises vs cloud, etc.)
- Install and configure Horizon components

  • Install and configure Horizon Connection Server (True SSO, Replica etc.)
  • Install and configure Dynamic Environment Manager (Helpdesk Tool, Self-support Tool, Smart Policies, Shares, Profiles, GPO, etc.)
  • Install and configure App Volumes
  • Install and configure Unified Access Gateway (deployments, network configuration, edge services, authentication methods, etc.)

- Manage the AD LDS Database for Horizon Connection Server
- Describe the authentication and certificate options for a Horizon environment
- Configure graphics cards for use in Horizon
- Identify security requirements and policies (client-side, administrative-side, etc.)
- Integrate Workspace ONE Access and Horizon 8 to manage user access

Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades  
Troubleshooting and Repairing - Collect valid and accurate information regarding problems
- Understand where to get to logs and how to generate a log bundle
- Troubleshoot Horizon solution components (communication, replication, ODBC connections, compatibility, permissions, trust relationships)
- Apply systematic troubleshooting methods to logically diagnose faults and increase troubleshooting efficiency
- Troubleshoot common problems faced by horizon clients (black screen, incorrect GPO etc.)
- Interpret the event database to diagnose issues
Administrative and Operational Tasks

- Identify use cases for pool configuration (priming process, power states, assignment types, entitlements, 3D graphics)

  • Compare, contrast, and configure Full Clones and Instant Clones
  • Identify when to use RDS Desktop Pool and Application Pool (RDSH farms)
  • Perform Day 2 operations and changes on desktop pools (editing pool settings, changing pool sizes, recover, push)

- Manage Horizon user sessions (Helpdesk Tool, Horizon Administration, etc.)
- Configure Group Policy Objects in Horizon (Horizon GPO Bundle)
- Identify when to use command line tools (kiosk mode, vdmadmin)
- Configure role based delegated administration for Horizon
- Create, manage, assign, provision and update an App Volumes Application Package
- Create, manage, and assign a writable volume (customize template, move, backup, restore)
- Manage DEM profiles in the DEM console
- Configure, manage, use DEM Application Profiler
- Configure Cloud Pod Architecture

  • Perform global entitlements and configure Home Site for user accounts

- Create an internal CA signed certificate
- Deploy and configure UAG

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