Citrix 1Y0-402 Certification Exam Sample Questions

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Citrix 1Y0-402 Sample Questions:

01. Why should CPU and memory consumption be used to identify bottlenecks?
a) Excessive CPU and memory consumption will slow the loading of vDisks and cache files by Provisioning Services.
b) Excessive CPU and memory consumption on the vDisk store will slow down the PXE bootprocess.
c) Excessive CPU and memory consumption can increase fragmentation of the TFTP boot strap file.
d) Excessive CPU and memory consumption can increase fragmentation of the vDisks.
02. How should the architect design the optimal write cache storage?
a) By implementing RAID 5 on XenServer local storage
b) By implementing RAID 10 on XenServer shared storage
c) By implementing RAID 3 on a NAS device
d) By implementing RAID 6 on a server hosting the CIFS share
03. Why would the architect choose LACP bonding when configuring bonded network interfaces for guest VM networks?
a) It provides load balancing of VM traffic across multiple physical NIC interfaces at a per guest basis, and offers improved distribution of traffic across physical interfaces in the bond.
b) It sends all guest VM traffic in the bond to an active interface, which provides the best distribution of network load.
c) It uses a hashing algorithm, which provides better distribution of traffic across the interfaces in the bond.
d) It uses a round robin load-balancing policy, which provides better distribution of traffic across the interfaces in the bond.
04. The architect should recommend a Universal License because it is required for __________.
a) ICA Proxy
b) SmartAccess
c) two-factor authentication
d) SSL access inside the network
05. Why does using SQL Management Studio help the company comply with its security policy?
a) Because it enables you to execute SQL queries to extract data
b) Because it uses a standard TCP port
c) Because it enables you to create a database to store logs
d) Because it provides security alerts by using SQL Mail
06. Which endpoint devices must be replaced to support the Streamed VHD method of desktop delivery?
a) Windows 7
b) Windows 8
c) Linux thin clients
d) PCs running Internet Explorer 7
07. Based on the assessment of the current company infrastructure, which design option is best for remoteaccess?
a) Deploy six NetScaler appliances: two in New York, two in Hong Kong, and two in London.
b) Deploy three NetScaler appliances: one in each datacenter.
c) Deploy two NetScaler appliances: one in London and one in New York.
d) Deploy one pair of NetScaler appliances in the London failover datacenter.
08. Why should the two NetScalers be located at the London datacenter?
a) Because it allows New York and Hong Kong to fail over to the London datacenter
b) Because it provides secure remote access
c) Because two components allow for increased user performance
d) Because it allows for centralized management
09. How should the architect specify that the Configuration Logging database be queried?
a) By using the Citrix Director console
b) By using PowerShell
c) By using SQL Reporting Services
d) By using SQL Management Studio
10. What are two potential risks in the existing environment that the architect must address in the proposed virtual solution? 
(Choose two.)
a) Local profiles are used and administrators manually delete them when necessary
b) Installation of PositivelyPeople is performed manually based on a thoroughly documented process.
c) No logon scripts are enabled for users because the company abandoned logon scripts last year in favor of GPOs.
d) Users log on to the company environment based on Active Directory credentials, but the PositivelyFinance application requires secondary credentials.


Question: 01
Answer: a
Question: 02
Answer: b
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: b
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: c
Question: 07
Answer: b
Question: 08
Answer: a
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a, b

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